Direct-to-Audience Distribution is Easy with Pivotshare

Our system has the right amount of flexibility and technological prowess to help your media succeed.

Video Access Flexibility

Host and stream your videos with a stylish and completely branded Pivotshare Channel, or even use our Pivotshare Embed Player to display (and sell) video on your existing website. With Pivotshare, your videos are purchasable and playable from practically anywhere, and it's all using bleeding-edge technology to keep your content secure.

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Revenue Model Flexibility

Selling your video with Pivotshare means having access to multiple revenue options that are completely customizable to suit your needs. Use one method or use them all together. There are more than a dozen supported income combinations!

  • Rent

    Customers rent access to video and stream it on any supported device. Publishers have the freedom to control price and availability.

  • Buy

    Customers can purchase and own videos, providing them with instant streaming and DRM-free Downloads. Publishers can customize streaming windows and download quantities.

  • Subscription

    Offer complete, or partial access to your video collection for a set recurring monthly fee.

  • Tip Jar

    Sometimes a publisher needs a bit more support, which is why Pivotshare's Tip Jar was created. Optionally ask for donations or good old-fashioned tips across any and all videos.

Tip Jar

Media Library Collaboration

Start a Pivotshare Channel, upload your media, and invite others to participate. Grow an expansive library of premium video content and Pivotshare will split the subscription revenue fairly amongst all contributors using our patent-pending Network Publishing algorithm. It works like magic and eliminates the headaches that normally come with collaboration.

Stay Informed of Income and Stats

Every Channel comes complete with the Pivotshare Publisher Console—the behind-the-scenes system that puts you in control. Sure, it has analytics built in, but why stop there? Manage your Channel's content, look at income reports, and gain deep insights into your videos such as where a Customer stopped watching your media.

Brilliant Features & Added Flexibility

Incredible Customer Insights

Pivotshare provides unprecedented access to Customer data, including customer names and email addresses, allowing you to build marketing lists or simply send out some kind thank you emails.

Stored Cards & Repeat Billing

When a new Customer pays for your video, they're one step closer to being a repeat customer. Pivotshare stores Credit Cards to make it easier for a prior Customer to login and pay in no time flat.

Get the Attention You Deserve

Start a Channel on Pivotshare and gain access to Pivotshare Spotlight, our special discounted press release program to help market your media like never before.

The Original

Pivotshare is the premiere video monetization platform, and this is all we do.

Distraction-Free Experience

Every Pivotshare Channel is free from distractions. No problematic comments section, and no other content apart from your own.

Proprietary Technology

Nobody else can offer the same experience as Pivotshare. Our patent-pending Network Publishing revenue system is incredible, and unique to us.

  • Allows multi-media producers to make bank on their videos...the time is now to start a small revolution.

  • Pivotshare's been getting content creators off of YouTube's farm since before it was cool.

  • With Pivotshare, creators don't have to worry about the vagaries of picking an online video platform...All they have to do is upload a video, set their price, and Pivotshare takes care of the rest.

  • The newest kid on the block...rewards authors and publishers with revenue.

  • This is a potentially explosive idea.

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