• Callanetics Remain the Leader in Today’s Hottest Fitness Trends

    Callanetics Remain the Leader in Today’s Hottest Fitness Trends

    Fitness fans are constantly keeping their eyes peeled for the next trend coming over the horizon. It’s ironic that the next big thing in the fitness industry was actually there at the very beginning. Our team is excited to announce the Callanetics Channel. Callanetics is the revolutionary fitness system created and promoted by Callan Pinckney in the 1970s and 80s. Callanetics transforms body shape by using a series of stretches and micro-movements in what it’s founder termed “triple slow motion”. The fitness system took off like wildfire and has changed the lives of millions around the world.

  • Collaborate and Grow Your SVOD / OTT Business

    Collaborate and Grow Your SVOD / OTT Business

    Am I making as much as I can with my premium videos? That’s a question you’ve probably asked yourself before as a content producer. Between YouTube ad revenue, selling videos on demand, DVD’s and subscription VOD revenue, some content creators may feel that they have exhausted their own audience and are hitting a wall in terms of revenue growth.

    On top of that, it can get lonely sometimes being an individual video producer. Creating quality content that people will open up their wallets for takes time and resources. It’s also no secret that for SVOD / OTT products, the number of hours of content available plays a large role in determining how much you should charge your customers and how long they will stay subscribed. So how do you break through these walls and take your channel to another level?

  • What’s Next for YouTubers Post MCN’s?

    Much like many other business models before it, multi-channel networks (MCN’s) came quickly, made a splash, changed a few lives, and then left just as quickly. Left behind are content creators who expected to grow their personal brand and make a lot more money with their MCN partnership, only to find that this model primarily benefited those at the very top. A recent article on Techcrunch laid out many of the reasons why the MCN models didn’t work as planned and is worth a read:
  • Pivotshare Channels Make the Front Page of the Wall Street Journal

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