• Updated Reports for Your Subscription Video On Demand Channel

    Updated Reports for Your Subscription Video On Demand Channel

    We've made it a goal this year to improve the reports section of the reports in your publisher console so you get the most useful data to grow your subscription video on demand channel. Here are the upgrades and new reports we’ve added to your publisher console:



    One of the biggest upgrades we made is to your customer report section. Now you can segment your customers by each step of the conversion funnel and sort to organize your data. Use this report to remarket to those who are no longer subscribed or to share information with your current subscribers!


    My Personal Income

    Your monthly earnings are now broken down by every channel you are contributing content to. See how much you made through subscriptions, rentals, purchases, and tips by each channel. It’s easy to read and straightforward!



    Channel Revenue

    See how your channel is doing this month and compare its performance to the last month, 3 months prior, and 1 year ago to see how quickly your revenues grew!



    Revenue by Media

    Sort to see which particular videos are being watched and making you the most money each month.


    *New* Channel Analytics

    This brand new report is full of useful trends data. See your monthly recurring revenue trend, your active subscriber numbers trend, monthly churn rates, and the customer lifetime value for the past 12 months.


    *New* Revenue by Category

    See what categories of videos are most popular with your customers and are driving most of your subscription income. Use this information to create even more videos that your customers love.


    *New* Revenue by Author

    By popular request, the Revenue by Author report is here! Now you can see who is popular with your audience and is getting the most views.


    Sign in to your publisher console at to check out the new and upgraded reports!

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    Making money on YouTube and other social media platforms by giving away free content in exchange for advertising revenue translates to financial stability for only a very few. This has always been well documented. But an eye-opening article published by famous Youtuber Gaby Dunn, titled Get rich or die vlogging: The sad economics of internet fame, tells about her heartbreaking story, along with fellow YouTubers like her, who struggle to make ends meet despite the millions of subscribers and adoring followers they’ve worked so hard to build.
  • Pay With Paypal Now Available on the New Subscribe Page of Your OTT Channel

    Pay With Paypal Now Available on the New Subscribe Page of Your OTT Channel

    You asked and we delivered: Your SVOD channel now accepts Paypal payments!

    Paypal integration was part of our recent subscribe page upgrade which improves the checkout process for your customers. By adding Paypal as another payment option, we’ve made it even easier for your SVOD channel to convert first-time visitors. It also helps to expand your customers further to younger audiences who might only have access to Paypal for online purchases.

  • Netflix Sees Jump in Subscribers Thanks to Original Video on Demand Content

    Netflix Sees Jump in Subscribers Thanks to Original Video on Demand Content

    After watching its subscriber growth slow sharply in Q2, subscription video on demand giant Netflix seems to have bounced back strongly in Q3 thanks to their highly popular slate of original programming. Netflix’s investment in original content production and moving away from its reliance on licensed content has thus far proven effective, and many others in this space are following suit with their own roster of originals.

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