10 Ways To Gain More Subscribers

  • Every day thousands of video creators are using Pivotshare to grow their monthly revenue with their own branded subscription channel.  As we grow, we’re gaining a lot of experience about what it takes to build a successful online video channel. Here’s a few hot tips to ramp up your channel to the next level:

    10 Ways to Gain More Subscribers

    1. Use promotional coupon codes and free trials.

    By offering potential customers a temporary discount and/or free trial, they get a taste of what your channel has to offer. It’s super easy to create coupon codes and offer a free trial in your publisher console. We’ve seen a large percentage of free trial subscribers convert to paying subscribers on our channels. Get people interested and they’ll keep coming back for more!

    2. Keep uploading fresh content.

    Regularly adding new videos to your channel keeps customers subscribing month after month to ensure that they don’t miss out on anything new. We’ve noticed that creators who frequently put up new content not only gain more subscribers compared to those who don’t, but also keep those subscribers longer!

    3. Offer exclusive content.

    Your audience will more likely subscribe if they can’t find your videos anywhere else. Many of our video creators make special videos available only on their Pivotshare channel, and their subscribers enjoy being able to watch exclusive stuff that others can’t access. Everyone wants an invite to the VIP section, right?

    4. Link to your channel.

    Drive more traffic to your channel by simply linking to it everywhere. Wherever you have a presence, make sure there’s a link to your channel. Your own website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Snapchat, Youtube, Blog, EVERYWHERE.

    5. Talk about it!

    Let people know all about your channel by talking about it on social media, blogging about it, and emailing your contacts. Your fans want to know what your channel has to offer, so start the conversation and engage people in talking about your content! Creators who proactively talk about their channel generates more interest and that results in more traffic and subscribers.

    6. Put Video Trailers on Youtube and Facebook.

    Convert your Youtube subscribers into paying customers on your Pivotshare channel by putting trailers up on your Youtube channel. Direct your audience using links in the description area on Youtube to access the full video on your Pivotshare channel. Putting trailers of new videos on Facebook also helps to drive traffic and conversions of your videos. Many of our publishers racked up big numbers using these tactics!

    7. Set a reasonable price point.

    Finding the optimal price point is both a science and an art. What we’ve noticed is that channels with more niche content, with a higher number of videos, and more hours of content (and fresh content) can typically charge more for monthly access. For instance, ADSR (highly niche content, 135+ hours) charges $19.99 per month, while ICW On Demand (less niche, 115+ hours) charges $5.99 per month. Understanding your customer base will help you set the ideal price point for your channel.

    8. Make your channel look good.

    We’ve noticed that channels that look better convert better. Creating attractive banners, imagery and video thumbnails will result in more people coming to the party. A little effort in the area of design can be a great return on investment!

    9. Advertise.

    With so many different affordable advertising avenues, such as Google Adwords and social media ads, there’s no excuse to not reach a larger audience with targeted ads on these platforms. Here’s some great information on advertising from marketing giant, Hubspot (http://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/topic/advertising). Investing some money to advertise and promote your channel can provide healthy returns.

    10. Remarket to Non-Renewing Subscribers.

    In your reports section, you can get contact information for subscribers to your channel that have canceled their subscription. Reach out to them and give them a reason to re-subscribe. Tell them that you’ve added new, cool content to the channel, or provide them with a coupon code to give them a discount for the first month of resubscribing. With a little bit of effort, you’ll find it’s easy to retain subscribers!

    Give these suggestions a try and watch your subscriber base grow!

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