A New Path For New Media Superstars

  • We all remember the halcyon days of early viral videos. Everyone loved passing around email links to such classics as 2003’s Star Wars Kid and 2006’s The Evolution of Dance, and who could forget the classic, Don’t Tase Me, Bro!, which taught us all a valuable lesson about the painful consequences of getting lippy at a political rally. These videos were quick, fun, and free. Out of this world of disposable entertainment came a few superstars that began to profit off a variety of platforms that allowed them to generate revenue from forced advertising associated with their free content. Among these were the fitness duo, The Tone It Up Girls, who amassed a following of over 180,000 enthusiastic subscribers. After growing their online presence, the Tone It Up Girls are now making a move to strengthen their media empire, as Bravo recently announced a new reality show in the works. These new media superstars have decided to add premium content in a greener and more profitable pasture than their previous free-content-only world.

    Online stars everywhere are now looking to offer premium content in formats other than those that are free. The band, Walk Off the Earth, whose innovative videos and cover songs have been viewed over 305 million times, recently signed a major distribution deal with Columbia Records. Bacon-friendly episodes of the extreme cooking series, Epic Meal Time have been viewed over 508 million times, with the group selling cookbooks, t-shirts and other accessories from their own site. New media darling, Justine Ezarik, started her career online with her show iJustine, with 1,368,000 subscribers but can now be seen on a variety of shows all over the cable dial. Another comedian, Ray William Johnson, whose various online channels have rung up a staggering number of views into the multi-millions recently announced that he will soon be creating separate premium content toffered outside of the free space.

    The obvious reason for the growing popularity of the use of new media to offer premium content is the greater financial reward that awaits those with proven track records and existing audiences. Free platforms are a great way to build and following and get exposure, but remember exposure is also what mountain climbers die from. The amount of income generated from ads on even a fairly popular free online channel often barely cover production costs. What these internet personalities are beginning to understand is that their fans are willing to pay for premium content. We have greatly underestimated the public’s ability to pay for entertainment, even though they’ve been doing it since the birth of the film industry. The only question that remains is what distribution method will give these celebrities the greatest financial return on the investment of their time, energy and creativity?

    Pivotshare is one such new media solution that offers online personalities and other celebrities a place to sell premium content to their fanbase through Pay-Per-View or subscription models. Pivotshare streaming online platform allows anyone to sell their media direct to audience without starting or monthly fees, thus removing economic barriers that, in the past, have kept some artists from pursuing their dreams of making a living from their passion. Our service lets anyone sell videos online at any time using our self-service tools. Upload, set a price, promote to fans on social media and make money. It’s that simple. Pivotshare hopes to help video creators everywhere start a new media revolution, whether it’s from a studio or right from their own home! We look forward to building something wonderful together.

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