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  • Anthony DiLuglio is serious when he says that his workouts can save your life. Probably because they literally saved his. In 2005, after already working as a successful trainer in the fitness industry, Anthony was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which he was told could mean the loss of his leg or worse. His doctors had told him that he had a one in two-million chance of having malignant cancer, which unfortunately happened to be the case. But when the surgeons opened up his leg to remove the tumor, to their shock and amazement they discovered that his muscle tissue was too dense for the cancer to penetrate. His leg and his life were both saved, largely he believes, because of his innovative workout regimen.

    Anthony started his career as a professional training expert in Sweden before bringing his knowledge to the United States. Hoping to revamp the way people thought about fitness in his new country, Anthony looked to history as his source of inspiration. Workouts using accessories such as ropes and kettle bells had once proven very effective, and Anthony worked to construct his plans in such a way to make these tools relevant and exciting to a new generation of athletes. His 2006 program, Ropes Gone Wild caught fire and was soon being offered by gyms around the globe. Anthony and his products have been featured on NBC’s “The Biggest Loser”, ABC’s “The Doctor Oz Show” as well as in Men’s Health and a myriad of other fitness publications.

    Anthony’s corporation, Art of Strength, aims to create a fitness experience that not only builds muscle and provide a total system workout, but also guides their clients into a lifestyle that leaves their bodies more durable, lowering their incidents of sports-related injuries. Many of the workouts are also geared towards helping those trying to overcome disabilities. Since his launch, Anthony’s organization has grown to include a customer roster made up of trainers as well as players from the NFL, MLB, NBA, and NHL. The next logical step for AOS was to create a way for them to make it more convenient for their customers to purchase and view their growing library of fitness media through an online video on demand channel. That’s where Pivotshare came in.

    Art of Strength’s media offering was so large that it was an easy choice for Anthony to go with our Library Mode while constructing his VOD channel. Library Mode is designed for those media producers with a larger content library and with dozens of hours of archived videos, AOS certainly fit the bill. Anthony was looking to offer his fans kettlebell programs, rope workouts, and even systems aimed specifically at professional bull riders. In days gone by, this sort of robust collection would have posed a logistical nightmare to most online platforms. Using Category labels and search capabilities, Pivotshare easily organizes the videos in a simple and convenient way, streamlining the preview and purchasing process.

    The other aspect to the Pivotshare VOD platform attractive to AOS was the variety of devices the media could be played on. Not everyone wants to necessarily work out in front of their computer, but with Pivotshare, the media can also be viewed on tablets and smartphones as well. Whether their clients are stuck at the office or away at a hotel, a hardcore workout is only a few clicks away without the hassle of hauling DVDs wherever they go. The AOS videos can now be watched by their fans worldwide on any leading device.

    One of the other exceptional aspect of the video on demand platform is the myriad of monetization options that can be utilized by producers. Art of Strength videos are now offered as either a streaming rental, a purchased download or as part of a larger channel-wide subscription. In DiLuglio’s own words, “What attracted me to Pivotshare was the multiple ways we could offer our content to our customers, not only on nearly every device imaginable, but also however they wanted to buy it, either as a subscriber or by cherry-picking rentals and downloads. But what sold it for me was the personal care they took with my brand. When they say they handle everything, they’re not kidding.”

    After discovering his cancer, Diluglio decided to focus on others instead of his own situation. In his own words to ESPN, he said, “I realized that I have to give back even more, and I have to learn something from this.” Like every other challenge that Anthony has come up against in his life, he faced his cancer diagnosis with both courage and determination, using his gifts to help others in similar situations. The doctors may have told Anthony he was a “1 in 2 million guy”, but to those who have been helped by his efforts, he’s an even rarer individual that that.

    Check out the amazing Art of Strength VOD channel here.

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