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  • Updated Reports for Your Subscription Video On Demand Channel

    Updated Reports for Your Subscription Video On Demand Channel

    We've made it a goal this year to improve the reports section of the reports in your publisher console so you get the most useful data to grow your subscription video on demand channel. Here are the upgrades and new reports we’ve added to your publisher console:



    One of the biggest upgrades we made is to your customer report section. Now you can segment your customers by each step of the conversion funnel and sort to organize your data. Use this report to remarket to those who are no longer subscribed or to share information with your current subscribers!


    My Personal Income

    Your monthly earnings are now broken down by every channel you are contributing content to. See how much you made through subscriptions, rentals, purchases, and tips by each channel. It’s easy to read and straightforward!



    Channel Revenue

    See how your channel is doing this month and compare its performance to the last month, 3 months prior, and 1 year ago to see how quickly your revenues grew!



    Revenue by Media

    Sort to see which particular videos are being watched and making you the most money each month.


    *New* Channel Analytics

    This brand new report is full of useful trends data. See your monthly recurring revenue trend, your active subscriber numbers trend, monthly churn rates, and the customer lifetime value for the past 12 months.


    *New* Revenue by Category

    See what categories of videos are most popular with your customers and are driving most of your subscription income. Use this information to create even more videos that your customers love.


    *New* Revenue by Author

    By popular request, the Revenue by Author report is here! Now you can see who is popular with your audience and is getting the most views.


    Sign in to your publisher console at to check out the new and upgraded reports!

  • Twitch and YouTube Not the Only Game in Town

    Last year in the United States, the video game industry pulled in revenues well over 20 billion dollars. To give you an idea of what that kind of money looks like, if video games were a sovereign nation, they would produce more income than many of the countries on our planet. Traditionally a larger market internationally, e-sports claims over 400 million participants worldwide, resulting in an additional $500 million in secondary market activity, and is now growing dramatically in the U.S. as well. While corporations make a great deal of money from the production and sales of video games, those who do much of the promoting of those games see very little in the way of profits. In order to make ends meet, those who create gamer videos have experimented with a variety of sources.

  • The Lineman Channel Keeps Power and Revenue Flowing

    The Lineman Channel Keeps Power and Revenue Flowing

    Every once in a while, an online video channel powered by Pivotshare takes the basic premise of selling premium videos and does something really innovative with our platform to demonstrate what’s possible. In this case, we are proud to spotlight the Lineman Channel.

    The first question you may be asking is: “What’s a Lineman?’ Linemen are the thousands of highly-trained individuals who maintain the complicated electrical systems and power grids that crisscross the entire U.S. These amazingly skilled tradespeople keep turned on what we take for granted everyday - electrical power. Imagine without power flowing, how paralyzed our society would become. In an effort to help create the next generation of Linemen, Pivotshare is proud to announce

  • Pivotshare Makes Facebook Video Sharing Easier

    Pivotshare Makes Facebook Video Sharing Easier

    Online video consumption and purchases will double by 2016 according to Cisco, so getting the word out about your videos must include a holistic social media strategy. That means making sure your premium videos are promoted on Facebook - still the top dog among all social media networks. But is there an easy way to link non-YouTube videos with Facebook? Previously, the most common method of linking premium, purchasable video content was to simply post a link. Any links directed to YouTube would automatically display the YouTube video right on Facebook. But a link to a non-YouTube video would get you little more than an image on Facebook. Now there’s an easier way to promote and share your premium videos.
  • Free Flyers, Indie Hang Gliding Doc Soars on VOD

    The ability to soar like a bird seems to be one of the most pervasive desires of mankind. Those that can do so without the aid of an airplane are indeed a special breed. The recent Pivotshare-exclusive documentary, Free Flyers, showcases these intrepid individuals, giving viewers a glimpse into a lifestyle that few of us will ever dare to know.

    Director Tony Ritter began his cinematic career as the Director of Photography for big budget Hollywood films. He soon found the glacial pace of development to be too frustrating and so took the production reins into his hands. Wanting to combine his love of flying with his love of film, Tony hooked up with thirteen of the greatest hang gliders and paragliders in the world (including 4-time World Aerobatic Champion  and Guinness World Record Holder, John Heiney) to make his film about the sport. With top pilots, three cameras and a 24-day shooting schedule in three of the most popular flying sites in America, Tony Ritter created his own feature film from start to finish.

    After filming and post-production was completed, rather than return to the studio system, Tony chose Pivotshare to distribute his film. Tony is using Pivotshare’s monetized embeddable player on his corporate site. The player not only allows his customers to go from viewing a preview to purchasing to watching the full feature all without leaving the page, it also captures valuable customer data, which allows for easy repeat purchases as well as future marketing opportunities.

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