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  • Pivotshare & PR Newswire team up to put video content in the spotlight

    Bill Gates once said that if he was down to the last dollar of his marketing budget, he’d spend it on PR. Getting your company written up in reputable press locations, whether that be physical print or online publications, can be one of the most valuable uses of time and resources of any sized organization. But what if you are just starting out? What if your budget can’t compete with some of the bigger named companies in your market? What if you can’t afford to hire a PR rep? Pivotshare has a solution for you!

  • Easy Guide to Starting An AdWords Campaign

    Easy Guide to Starting An AdWords Campaign

    Everyone wants more traffic to come to their site, but what is the easiest way to get? There are many answers to that question, but one of them is to simply pay for it. Google offers a program called AdWords that allows anyone to use their system to attract visitors to their site, paying a nominal fee for each person that comes through the door by clicking on one of your ads.

    Setting up an AdWords account can seem like a daunting project, but it’s actually incredibly painless and can result in a huge return on a relatively small investment. Remember, you ONLY pay for those people who actually click on your ad and go to your site. Here’s a step-by-step process to creating your first AdWords account.

  • Speaking Tour Brings Paid Content to the People

    Now that everyone has returned home from their summer vacations, Pivotshare thought it would be the perfect time for us to hit the road! The Pivotshare team has spent the summer building a variety of new tools to make it even easier for paid content creators to sell media directly to their audience. Anyone can use pay-per-view rentals, purchase downloads, channel-wide subscriptions, tip-jars or a combination of them all to create their own branded VOD storefront. We’re so excited about everything we have going on that we thought we’d stop by a few hot spots and tell the folks there how we Pivotshare is helping to change the way the world consumes media.

    Friday, Sept. 27th - Social Media Week, Toronto - The Future Of Home Entertainment

    Saturday, Sept. 28th - MIT Hacking Arts Festival, Cambridge, MA - Storytelling in the Digital Age

    Oct. 2-3 - Dogfish Accelerator, New York - Filmmaker Mentoring Workshops

    Sunday, Oct. 6 - San Diego Film Festival, San Diego - The Business Side of the Business

  • Art of Strength On Demand VOD Fitness Channel

    Anthony DiLuglio is serious when he says that his workouts can save your life. Probably because they literally saved his. In 2005, after already working as a successful trainer in the fitness industry, Anthony was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer which he was told could mean the loss of his leg or worse. His doctors had told him that he had a one in two-million chance of having malignant cancer, which unfortunately happened to be the case. But when the surgeons opened up his leg to remove the tumor, to their shock and amazement they discovered that his muscle tissue was too dense for the cancer to penetrate. His leg and his life were both saved, largely he believes, because of his innovative workout regimen.

  • Subscription Model for Video Platforms Smarter Than DVD Sales

    “I like DVDs so much. It’s such a better format than VHS.”

    -Roland Joffe

    America seems to have agreed with Roland, Hollywood heavyweight director of the Oscar-winning film, The Killing Fields, at least for a time. While everyone knows that DVD sales have been falling like a wet mattress since their 2007 peak at over $10 billion in annual revenue, things have slid so far that industry insiders now refuse to even make those figures public. For years, DVD sales predictions helped studios create realistic budgets, but the crash in popularity of this medium has driven studios to make safer and more predictable choices, such as sequals, franchises and reboots. The end result is a more bland cinematic experience for everyone and a far less creative environment for those who make films for a living.

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