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  • Every year, companies throughout the country spend millions of dollars protecting their brands. From a marketing and a business standpoint, a company’s brand is one of its most important assets. The brand helps not only define the values of the company and its products, but becomes a beacon for consumer expectations of consistency and trustworthiness. When a brand has been established, it needs to be protected and consistently used in order to maintain relevance and power. The online paid content space is no exception to this need. But, for the longest time, most media platforms simply did not make it easy easy or affordable for medium and smaller-sized media producers to protect their brand when selling media online.

    If a media professional wants to offer their paid content direct-to-audience, they might choose to use an embeddable player and place that media directly on their own website. In the world of yesterday, the embeddable player would be heavily branded by the platform creators, who would make it abundantly obvious that they were behind the delivery technology and therefore deserving of the spotlight. The trouble with this logic is that it eliminates the professional’s brand almost entirely, placing undeserved emphasis on the media playback technology, of all things. This naturally results in consumers mentally associating the quality of the content within the player to the player itself, making them believe that the player is responsible for delivering and hosting great content, thus encouraging them to move off-site to find more of the same.

    Imagine the same phenomenon with cars, where a consumer visits a car dealership that sells nearly every variety of car brand. Less importance is placed on the brands themselves, and more importance is placed on the dealership and its selection variety. Is the dealership more responsible for the quality of the vehicles on its lot, or are the car manufacturers themselves? Furthermore, is it good business for a car brand to be associated with a competing, perhaps lower-quality car brand that could be sitting side-by-side? Obviously not. Car companies succeed when their brands remain a focal point, which is exactly why every car brand has exclusive dealerships that sell only their cars.

    If brand protection is so important, then why have there been so few distribution platforms that actually take this into consideration for selling video online? Why do they all seem to focus on themselves when they ought to be focusing on the brands of the content creators? Not only that, but when platforms have focused on white-labeling, it seems like they’ve all been prohibitively expensive—far more costly than the average media creator can afford. Thankfully, there is now a solution to the white-labeling needs of any brand that doesn’t break the bank

    Pivotshare believes that your media and your branding are both valuable and worth protecting. Brand protection is such an important part of our corporate priorities that it is integrated into nearly every aspect of the products that our team creates. We want to be known as the platform that puts the business needs of its customers as its highest priority, because, quite frankly, we’re creators ourselves and we believe that forging the future with the needs of creators in mind is just the right thing to do.

    On Pivotshare channels, our own corporate branding is as discreet as physically possible, and in most cases is simply non-existent, but our embeddable player is where our deep dedication to our creative customers is clearly defined. The nature of an embedded player is that it exists to offer paid content on promotional, personal websites, and because of this fact, Pivotshare purposely has zero corporate fingerprint anywhere on the player at all. We feel that offering an embedded player on our customers’ sites, pushing our logo and name all over the place, would be counterproductive for everyone involved.

    Take a look at the image below for the beautiful Jeremy Irons documentary, Trashed, as an example of our clean and elegant embedded player:

    Screen Shot 2013-06-05 at 12.12.48 PM

    At Pivotshare, our desire and goal is to help you build your audience, not to build an audience for ourselves. Because of the way Pivotshare has structured our company, we only make money if our customers make money. In light of that, it’s good business for us to do everything we can to protect your brand and make consuming and selling paid content online as seamless a process as physically possible.

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