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  • Subscription Model for Video Platforms Smarter Than DVD Sales

    “I like DVDs so much. It’s such a better format than VHS.”

    -Roland Joffe

    America seems to have agreed with Roland, Hollywood heavyweight director of the Oscar-winning film, The Killing Fields, at least for a time. While everyone knows that DVD sales have been falling like a wet mattress since their 2007 peak at over $10 billion in annual revenue, things have slid so far that industry insiders now refuse to even make those figures public. For years, DVD sales predictions helped studios create realistic budgets, but the crash in popularity of this medium has driven studios to make safer and more predictable choices, such as sequals, franchises and reboots. The end result is a more bland cinematic experience for everyone and a far less creative environment for those who make films for a living.

  • Free eBook: Ten Steps to Marketing Media Online

    Pivotshare is proud to announce the release of their new eBook, Ten Steps to Marketing Media Online! Legendary American showman, P.T. Barnum, once said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens...nothing!” What was true for Barnum in the entertainment world of his day is just as true for the business of online media today. You can create the greatest content in the world, funny, informative, well produced and edited, and without organized marketing efforts, these will be the greatest videos the world has never seen.

  • Charities Using Pivotshare for Online Fundraising

    According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics there are over 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations in the United States, with 50,000 more coming every single year. These organizations have a variety of goals such as disease research, homeless missions, and youth fitness. In order to assist that area of need that these groups have chosen to focus on, funds needs to be raised. Constantly. Non-profits use everything from telethons to dance-offs in an attempt to raise the revenue necessary to cover their ever-expanding budgets. Pivotshare has just come up with a brand-new option that will make the job of fundraising much easier for these groups.

  • A New Path For New Media Superstars

    We all remember the halcyon days of early viral videos. Everyone loved passing around email links to such classics as 2003’s Star Wars Kid and 2006’s The Evolution of Dance, and who could forget the classic, Don’t Tase Me, Bro!, which taught us all a valuable lesson about the painful consequences of getting lippy at a political rally. These videos were quick, fun, and free. Out of this world of disposable entertainment came a few superstars that began to profit off a variety of platforms that allowed them to generate revenue from forced advertising associated with their free content. Among these were the fitness duo, The Tone It Up Girls, who amassed a following of over 180,000 enthusiastic subscribers. After growing their online presence, the Tone It Up Girls are now making a move to strengthen their media empire, as Bravo recently announced a new reality show in the works. These new media superstars have decided to add premium content in a greener and more profitable pasture than their previous free-content-only world.
  • Using Pivotshare to Sell Media Online is Even Better Than Free!

    My grandpa used to say that you get what you pay for. And you know what? He was right. Everyone likes to find a good bargain, but often you find that the quality of what you purchased is so low that it winds up being a complete and total waste of time, money and effort. Yet millions of media professionals make the choice every day to use free platforms to sell media online to their audiences. While these low-cost (or no-cost) options seem like a great deal, a closer examination shows that there are many reasons why a penny saved may not necessarily turn into a penny earned.

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