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  • Pivotshare launches elegant channel layout for VOD platform

    Preparing for the upcoming holiday season, Pivotshare decided to give their clients an early gift by unveiling their complete channel design reboot this week. The company says they have gathered customer input from the last year of business and compiled this data to inform the design and UI directions that these new layouts took. Already known for the clean feel of their channels and unobtrusiveness of their embed player, Pivotshare hopes that this new design scheme will further differentiate the company in the market.

  • Pivotshare Changes Way Celebrities Sell Media Online


    Startup changes the way celebrities sell media with branded apps  and white labeling for leading mobile and tablet devices

    Costa Mesa, Calif. -  Pivotshare, a digital media startup, announced today that their platform will now offer a new resource providing branded apps through their Customization Services program for select publishers. Pivotshare is rolling out the service with the unveiling of the Elite MMA fighting channel, featuring UFC heavyweight champion of the world, Bas Rutten. The mobile apps will allow subscribers to watch Pivotshare video content while on the go on either smartphones or tablets while simultaneously putting the media’s brand in the spotlight. Like the standard Pivotshare app, these customized versions will also be found in both the iTunes and Google Play stores, free of charge.

  • Pivotshare Announces Total Platform Update With Mobile Apps, Download/Buy and Tip Jar Functionality!

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: May 1, 2013 Pivotshare, the Streaming Media Monetization Platform, Announces Updates Incorporating Mobile Accessibility, Download & Tip Jar Functionalities. Startup now allows anyone to sell access to their media across all leading devices with an expanding array of monetization tools Costa Mesa, Calif. -  Pivotshare, a digital media startup, announced today an update of their self-service online platform that allows anyone to sell their media directly to their audience. Filmmakers, comedians, speakers, experts of all kinds and a host of other media producers may now offer their content on all leading iOS and Android devices. The new platform also offers added features such as the ability to buy videos as a download and the capacity for customers to tip or donate as a means of support. The first player in the game to offer a true self-service platform for monetizing media, Pivotshare has received $1.6 million from Townsgate Media.
  • Charities Using Pivotshare for Online Fundraising

    According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics there are over 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations in the United States, with 50,000 more coming every single year. These organizations have a variety of goals such as disease research, homeless missions, and youth fitness. In order to assist that area of need that these groups have chosen to focus on, funds needs to be raised. Constantly. Non-profits use everything from telethons to dance-offs in an attempt to raise the revenue necessary to cover their ever-expanding budgets. Pivotshare has just come up with a brand-new option that will make the job of fundraising much easier for these groups.

  • Pivotshare Announces New Monetized Embeddable Player

    Pivotshare Announces Self-Service Embeddable Pay-Per-View Video Player Media startup creates a solution allowing filmmakers to offer their films as rentals on their own website and begin selling direct to audience COSTA MESA, Calif. - Today Pivotshare announced the public release of their new monetized embeddable video player. All of the benefits that users of the Pivotshare platform have come to expect from their online media channels are also available in the embeddable version, allowing filmmakers to sell directly to their audience from their own website. On top of being completely self-service, with no starting fees or monthly costs, there is another aspect to the platform that sets it apart from most other embeddable players on the marketplace. Customers can now experience a truly seamless payment experience.

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