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  • Netflix’s Earnings Show Sharp Growth in the SVOD / OTT Marketplace

    Subscription video giant Netflix released their fourth quarter earnings this week. Netflix’s approach of mixing original series with licensed content continues to keep subscribers on the hook and watching ever increasing amounts of video. Their performance is a strong indicator of consumer adoption and where the SVOD market is headed. Now is the perfect time for independent content producers to establish their presence in this new ecosystem.
  • Speaking Tour Brings Paid Content to the People

    Now that everyone has returned home from their summer vacations, Pivotshare thought it would be the perfect time for us to hit the road! The Pivotshare team has spent the summer building a variety of new tools to make it even easier for paid content creators to sell media directly to their audience. Anyone can use pay-per-view rentals, purchase downloads, channel-wide subscriptions, tip-jars or a combination of them all to create their own branded VOD storefront. We’re so excited about everything we have going on that we thought we’d stop by a few hot spots and tell the folks there how we Pivotshare is helping to change the way the world consumes media.

    Friday, Sept. 27th - Social Media Week, Toronto - The Future Of Home Entertainment

    Saturday, Sept. 28th - MIT Hacking Arts Festival, Cambridge, MA - Storytelling in the Digital Age

    Oct. 2-3 - Dogfish Accelerator, New York - Filmmaker Mentoring Workshops

    Sunday, Oct. 6 - San Diego Film Festival, San Diego - The Business Side of the Business

  • Brand Protection and Paid Content

    Brand Protection and Paid Content

    Every year, companies throughout the country spend millions of dollars protecting their brands. From a marketing and a business standpoint, a company’s brand is one of its most important assets. The brand helps not only define the values of the company and its products, but becomes a beacon for consumer expectations of consistency and trustworthiness. When a brand has been established, it needs to be protected and consistently used in order to maintain relevance and power. The online paid content space is no exception to this need. But, for the longest time, most media platforms simply did not make it easy easy or affordable for medium and smaller-sized media producers to protect their brand when selling media online.

  • YouTube’s Subscription Offering: Pivotshare’s Thoughts

    Last week, YouTube publicly launched an early version of their subscription-based channels offering. This system allows content creators to potentially profit from their original digital video by charging a monthly subscription for access to a moderate library of content. When the announcement was officially made, many looked to Pivotshare and wondered how we would feel. After all, Pivotshare was one of the earliest companies to build a media monetization platform, having launched in 2010 with subscription-based and rental-based offerings. In short, we’re very excited.
  • Top Ten Environmental Documentaries for Earth Day

    To celebrate Earth Day and because Pivotshare is quickly becoming the streaming media platform of choice for documentary makers, we thought we would come up with a list of our favorite environmental docs of all time. Enjoy! The Corporation (2003)

    This comprehensive overview of the character of business asks if corporations were actually human, what sort of people would they be? You might decide it’s someone that you don’t necessarily want to live next door to.

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