Charities Using Pivotshare for Online Fundraising

  • According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics there are over 1.5 million registered non-profit organizations in the United States, with 50,000 more coming every single year. These organizations have a variety of goals such as disease research, homeless missions, and youth fitness. In order to assist that area of need that these groups have chosen to focus on, funds needs to be raised. Constantly. Non-profits use everything from telethons to dance-offs in an attempt to raise the revenue necessary to cover their ever-expanding budgets. Pivotshare has just come up with a brand-new option that will make the job of fundraising much easier for these groups.

    Many charities use videos to promote their fundraising efforts. This media is sent to schools and association, conferences and conventions, and are displayed on the web in the aim to turn the buzz and site traffic into monetary donations at the end of the day. That’s the hope. But what if your media WAS the fundraiser? What if supporters were asked to pay a small amount to watch an informational, emotionally charged video about your cause, or perhaps a specific project within your cause that showed why their support is not only important, but desperately needed.

    Many charities have inhouse media teams to create just such material, but in a world where a large portion of the public carry an HD video camera in their pocket to make phone calls, this isn’t actually necessary. There are even several free high-quality free online editing programs that can allow you to go from concept to finished product without having to spend a dime. Organizations often view these videos at large gatherings and afterwards pass a donation plate. But how many of these gatherings occur every year? What if you could pass a “virtual plate” to supporters around the world?

    With Pivotshare, charities can create their own branded channel or use our embeddable player on their own site and post their videos, charging a nominal price, and begin to generate funds. Offering media creations to supporters at a reasonable price of a couple of dollars, is novel enough, and some groups could potentially generate more money online than at physical gatherings, but with Pivotshare the income generation does not need to stop there.

    With a recent charity project we decided to try something new. After the paid video played, we gave the viewers an opportunity to donate, since they had just seen an emotional illustration as to the importance of the charity. We had the choices of donating $5, $10, or a custom button pre-filled with $20, but that could be changed to any amount. Benevolent fans of the organization left everything from an extra buck or three to donations up to $500. On average, the amount of money raised through donations beat video purchase sales by a large margin. It was an exciting case study of how charities can create beautiful, low-cost videos that they can use to not only create revenue through ticket sales, but also through donations as well.

    Churches, youth groups, health care charities, educational organizations such as booster clubs, can all use Pivotshare to create effective online fundraising. Create your low-budget, high-quality videos, use a Pivotshare channel or our embeddable player, promote through your email database and social media and watch the revenue come in, helping your group, association, or organization raise the crucial funds necessary for you to achieve your amazing goals.

    For a beautiful example of using Pivotshare to raise funds for your charity, click here!

    Charities with questions about their specific projects can contact us here!



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