Children’s Charity Using Pivotshare for Fundraising

  • Nothing brightens the day of a parent more than seeing their children smile with joy. But what if your child is in a situation where smiling becomes a daily struggle? For thousands of parents of children with a terminal disease, this is the reality of their lives. As these brave young people wage a heroic battle against all types of illness, the parents must stand by and try to keep the children’s lives as normal and joyful as possible. One Hollywood celebrity has dedicated his time, energy and resources to make this struggle just a little bit easier.

    During the late 80s and early 90s you couldn’t turn on the television or pick up a teen magazine without seeing Kirk Cameron’s trademark smile. As the star of ABC’s hit show, Growing Pains, a show that gave eventual super-stars Leonardo DiCaprio, Hilary Swank and Brad Pitt some of their first jobs in the industry, Kirk was a rising star in Hollywood. After the show’s end in 1992, Kirk’s passion for helping others has grown along with his career. He and his wife Chelsea decided to build a charity to help bring joy to the lives of hurting children. That was the birth of Camp Firefly.

    At the camp, the parents of terminally ill children and their entire families can for a time try to forget their difficulties and just have fun. Together the families enjoy Hawaiian luaus and southern BBQs. The children take bike rides, while the father’s enjoy a day on the golf course and the mothers get a full makeover. The charity has hosted over a hundred families and helped to create priceless memories for so many.

    When Cameron and his staff approached Pivotshare to help them with an online fundraiser, we were only too happy to work for such a worthwhile purpose. Music video director, Darren Doane, who has worked with such names as Uncle Kracker, Jason Mraz and Blink-182, had created a beautiful video that highlighted the mission of the organization. Pivotshare offered the video for streaming or a download at $1.99, knowing that at that low price, supporters of the cause would be only too eager to help. But we didn’t stop there.

    Pivotshare also added the ability for viewers to donate to the charity at the conclusion of the video. Fans moved by what they had just seen were also able to give above and beyond the ticket price, choosing from $5, $10, or a fill-in the blank, pre-filled with a suggestion of $20. You can take a look at Camp Firefly’s beautiful video at After the media launch, promoted through the charity’s database as well as on various social media platforms, the Pivotshare channel attracted tens of thousands of unique visitors from over a dozen countries around the world.

     After the dust settled at the end of the fundraiser, everyone was pleasantly surprised to learn that donations had outpaced virtual ticket sales by a margin of about 2 to 1. The average viewer that donated gave an amount many times that of the price of admission, and helped further the work of a worthy cause. It was exciting to see that a charity could create a low-cost, high-quality video and have their hard work pay off many fold in return. The Pivotshare Camp Firefly video was a test-case that we felt was an undeniable success.

    The model that was created through this project is easily reproducible with any charity in the country. Interested organizations can find out more information here or by contacting us here.



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