Choosing Between Streaming Video Platforms

  • So you are a video content producer and you create some of the most professional media around. But as good as it might be, you still need a way to stream it to your customers. Most content creators in the media world aren’t doing what they do as a hobby, but are looking for the best possible way to monetize the media that they are offering to their fans. There are many digital streaming solutions in the market, so choosing the one that makes the best sense for your business can be a difficult process. Lets take a look at the three main categories of streaming media platforms.

    The model most familiar to users of video sharing services are free, ad-supported platforms. The most popular of these is obviously YouTube, with over 800 million unique users a month, and on average, over sixty hours of content being uploaded onto the site every minute of every day. Vimeo is another similar version of this type of platform, with over 8 million current users. These platforms are perfectly suited for a specific sector of the market. If you just want to use streaming media platforms to host videos that you don’t care about making money from (your kid’s birthday party, your hike up Half Dome, your cat doing anything), then these solutions are perfect for you.

    If for whatever reason, your media hits that viral sweet-spot and can generate a million plus hits, you might see a check in the mail worth getting excited about. But most of us can’t realistically hope for that kind of pop-culture lightning to strike. While these platforms might be an easy way to upload your content, for those hoping for a truly professional look or corporate experience, the overlay advertising can be quite distracting and dilutes the attempt at having a branded experience. Many of these streaming video platforms also use recommendations after each video to pull viewers towards other content. And while it might be fun to watch how many views you get on your videos, the actual money earned by the average user can be extremely low.

    On the other end of the economic spectrum are the streaming video platforms where content producers pay for the ability to host their media online. Two of the more popular examples of such solutions are Brightcove and Ooyala. Both of these companies are often used by Fortune 500-level corporations to host videos that their customers might be interested in watching for free. These platforms were not designed with the intent of monetizing content, but were created in order to allow large brands to share media with their customer base in a personalized setting.

    The difficulty with these solutions is that your average content producer is not a Fortune 500 corporation. The costs associated with hosting videos on these platforms can be unrealistic for a large portion of producers. On top of the monetary hurdles, the frustrations with the level of technological knowledge required to correctly implement these platforms may prove more than most media creators can overcome. These options are definitely not the business-in-a-box solution that many people are looking for delving into the world of streaming video platforms.

    Media distribution newcomer, Pivotshare, is in a third category all by itself. Pivotshare fills the hole in the market between the costly platforms used by large corporations and the free services offering little in the way of monetization. The company aims to service those looking to generate revenue by providing their viewing audience with a truly branded experience. The producer of a feature film or someone making high-quality videos out of their home studio can both offer their fans the chance to view their media on a branded channel with their logo, their look and feel, and only their products on their streaming video platforms.

    Not only does Pivotshare have no startup fees or monthly costs, they are also completely self-service. While Pivotshare, handles all of the technology, hosting, and monetization required of an online media business, the customer is in complete control of their own channel. With Pivotshare’s tools, customers can control access to their media, set their own pricing, and see how well they are doing with in-depth reports.

    Create a channel, upload content, promote to your fan base, and get paid. With Pivotshare, it’s that simple. You can be up and running with your own online media business in just minutes. We hope media producers take a look at what we have to offer. We look forward to building something wonderful together.

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