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  • Ever wonder where to find all of those strange and wonderful films you remember from your past? What about those crazy films that never found a home in the mainstream market, but found one in the heart of true film fans? Well wonder no more! Pivotshare has given all of your cult film favorites a beautiful new home! Get ready to discover!’s growing library of over one-hundred cult classics are some of the oddest and hardest to find films in cinema history. Many of the these grindhouse favorites are not available anywhere else in the world. With genre categories like Cult Sci-Fi & Fantasy (with Day of the Triffids and Journey to the Center of Time), Animals Gone Bad (with Night of the Sharks and Devil Dog, The Hound of Hell), and Auteur Directors (with Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece, Notorious), there is something for every kind of cinema enthusiast on the planet. Before They Were Famous offers hidden gems from the early careers of such icons as George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Robert De Niro, and Sandra Bullock. The Flying Fists category serves up a steaming bowl of martial arts chop socky hits that will leave you hungry for more, while the Spaghetti Western corral will blow you clean out of your socks.

    Owner of, CEO of Cinevision Global is Frank Mayor, came to Pivotshare in an effort to create the best possible destination for his prized collection of celluloid anomalies. “I wanted a subscription channel where film fans from around the globe would have the most elegantly designed viewing experience possible. We considered every platform imaginable, and Pivotshare had exactly what we were searching for. We couldn’t be happier with”

    For $3.99/month cinephiles get a 24/7 all-access pass to a growing catalogue of campy cult hits. The seven-day free trial also lets fans check out the ridiculous selection before becoming subscribers. So if you’re tired of scrolling through page after page of the same old films you’ve seen a hundred times, check out and take a walk on the wild side.

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