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  • In the contemporary age of web marketing, it’s become increasingly important for brands to take center stage in everything they do. This need has led to many video platforms pulling the spotlight further and further away from their publishers’ brands and instead refocusing it on themselves. To combat this growing issue, Pivotshare has put increased emphasis on one of its core tenets that our publishers’ brands should shine above our own. That’s why we’ve developed the Pivotshare Customization Service—our simple process to better own and control your customers’ experience with your video content and brand.

    In contrast to many other video platforms, our Customization Service offers the ability to have a personalized URL for your Pivotshare channel, keeping your customers right on your self-branded site while they complete the purchase and viewing process. Whether you are steering traffic to your own promotional webpage or simply driving your customers directly to your videos through email and social media, they now will never need to see any URL other than yours. As we’ve seen, this adds a sense of security which leads to increased consumer confidence and results in much higher conversion rates.

    Additionally, we understand that many of our publishers want a platform that gets entirely out of the way in more ways than just the URL. In response to this need, we are also offering complete white-labeling services for our platform as well. Not only do you receive the custom URL, but we also remove our own logos and send out custom-branded automated emails to your customers. These custom-branded emails include a customized support email address, which as always gets routed to our incredible Support Team so we can handle everything for you. Our team is happy to step aside, do the work and let the accolades fall to our publishers, without your customers knowing a thing about it.

    We’ve also recognized the need for our publishers’ video content to be easily accessible on mobile devices, which is why we’ve added custom-branded iOS and Android apps, allowing subscribers to enjoy your video content from anywhere. Like the rest of our Customization Service, this has been built to help make our publishers more successful, keeping customers happy and giving you the tools to grow your audience.

    At Pivotshare, we don’t just talk about brand protection, we deliver on our word with an online video platform that allows you to sell content to the world while putting your company right where it belongs: front and center.

    To find out more about how to create your own branded online channel with no starting fees or monthly costs, click here!

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