Dance Pro Steve Zee-All Online Video Platforms Not Created Equal

  • The history of tap has brought the world much entertainment and enjoyment for the last hundred and fifty years. World-class tap dancer and international instructor Steve Zee hopes to bring the joy of tap to a whole new generation of students across the entire globe. Pivotshare is proud to announce Steve Zee’s new Tap Academy Online, a beautiful showplace for a growing video library of tap dance knowledge and instruction.

    Trained by the old masters of tap Steve also studied at UCLA and at the Sorbonne in Paris and is well known in Los Angeles dance circles and has shared the stage with such artistic luminaries as Gregory Hines as well as tap legends, the Nicholas Brothers. He trained Kiril Kulish for the Broadway production of Billy Elliot for which Kiril won the Tony Award and has served as tap coach for pop icons David Lee Roth and Bette Midler. Steve is also an international figure in the genre and has traveled across Canada, Brazil, France and Germany to both teach and perform, having recently returned from a lengthy tour in Europe. Steve also heads a non-profit arts organization known as LA Ironworks and recently spoke at the famed TedTalks about tap’s influence on American culture and history and is on faculty at Cal State University, Long Beach.

    As Steve’s popularity as a performer and instructor has grown, so have the requests for him to share his knowledge with students all over the world. Recognized as a master teacher of tap dance, Steve counts many dance instructors seeking quality teaching ideas among his students. Already maxing out the amount of travel that one man could handle, Steve turned to Pivotshare to help him create an online video platform for online distribution. Not only a skilled and experienced artist, Steve is also a fan of using the benefits of technology to enhance the teaching process. He had always wanted to create a video series to offer his students, but had never found a platform for online video distribution that was user-friendly enough to attract his attention. That is, until he found Pivotshare and their ability to let experts sell videos online. Check out Tap Academy Online here!

    After trying other online video platforms and then taking our self-service solution for a spin, Steve’s decision was made, as he said, “the platform let me quickly and easily create a channel that is clean, professional, organized to an amazing degree and best of all, simple to use.” Since Steve’s fans live on almost every continent on the earth and obviously speak a variety of languages, Steve chose to film his lessons in both English as well as French. The flexibility of the Pivotshare solution allows his pupils to search the growing media library by the specific level, skill, or language that they are looking for. Using Pivotshare’s Media Markers, Steve can tag specific sections within each piece of media and label them however he would like, turning his entire video collection into a searchable media library.

    Steve’s students can also now enjoy his lessons while on the go as well as on their home computers. As anyone who has tried to pick up a new skill will attest, the key to success is repetition. Hoofers-in-training who subscribe to Steve’s channel can watch his videos again and again on their mobile devices, thus guaranteeing an eventual mastery of the desired skill. Pivotshare channels can now be viewed across leading smartphones and tablets, with apps currently available in the iTunes and Android app stores. You can check those out by clicking HERE for iPhone, HERE for iPad and HERE for Android.

    In between and even during his jaunts across the globe and dances across the floor, Steve is continuing to consistently film new lessons to add to his catalogue. Aspiring hoofers, current students and dance teachers will all benefit from Steve’s basic lessons, choreography, technique and explanations and soon a new advanced series will enter the collection. With the flexibility of Pivotshare online video platform as his launch point, we don’t think his toes will stop tapping any time soon.

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