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  • Conventions and conferences are an important part of the American corporate and creative landscape. According to the Convention Industry Council (CIC), 1.8 million meetings, conferences, and trade shows occur in the U.S. every year attracting 205 million attendees which results in 907 billion dollars of annual revenue.

    The reason for the popularity of conferences in this country is not only because they are profitable for the organizers, but also for those who attend. In 2009 world research giant Oxford Economics showed that every dollar spent on business travel such as conferences resulted in over twelve dollars in increased revenue.

    The trouble with most conferences is that once the lights go off, the revenue stops. All of the brilliant information and presentations that came from the stage cease to sell tickets after the doors have been shut and the paying crowds return home. Pivotshare has created a solution to this dilemma that allows you to easily sell your conference video.

    Our free digital media delivery platform allows conferences and conventions to live on into the future where they will continue to generate income. Our system lets organizers record their stage content and monetize the footage. Build a channel for your conference, upload your footage, promote it on social media channels, and sell your conference video. It’s that simple. Organizers can also upload their media archives from past gatherings to sell conference media from these events as well and begin generating revenue from footage that would otherwise be useless.

    Potential attendees who were lost because of the high cost associated with travel, lodging, and the ticket price for such an event, would be happy to pay a reasonable fee in order to view the video recording from home or office. Even people who attended the conference will likely purchase access in order to review the information or watch sessions they were not able to attend.

    Pivotshare also has great built-in tools to make your footage especially useful. Using our Media Markers you are able to tag your videos with timed bookmarks. This allows customers to jump right to the spot they are looking for, rather than wading through hours of unwanted material. You can title these markers and, in effect, Pivotshare not only lets you sell your conference video, but also turns your media collections into a useful searchable reference library.

    Best of all, there are no startup or monthly fees with Pivotshare, so even smaller conferences can create their own channel whether it is for business, entertainment, or faith-based events. Your Pivotshare channel is an extension of your site, complete with your logo and promotional images, plus a similar look and feel.

    We know that conferences need every bit of help they can find to make them more competitive. In an ever-crowding market landscape, Pivotshare asks, “What can we help you build today?”

    To find out more about how Pivotshare can help you sell conference video, click here!

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