Exclusive Video On Demand Release: The Evidence of Hope

  • There are times when the dire state of events around the world makes us want to collectively throw up our hands in abject resignation. Whether caused by war, famine, corruption, disease or any category of tragedy, the pain and suffering we see all too often can be overwhelming to the extreme. There are moments when it would seem so much easier to resign ourselves to grief or apathy, and like flipping a switch buried deep inside ourselves, simply give up hope. Filmmaker Chad Amour’s new video project suggests that, upon closer examination, there is in actuality much reason to do otherwise.

    Amour’s new documentary, The Evidence of Hope, found exclusively on Pivotshare’s video on demand platform, is the story of people around the world faced with insurmountable difficulties and how they are overcoming them through faith, love and perseverance. Amour describes the film as “an impressionistic portrait of the lives of three unique individuals”, a courageous Honduran woman fights for dignity in the city dump, a Filipino preacher fighting governmental iniquities and a police officer in Kenya fighting against the systemic corruption in his country. Each of these heroic individuals confront oppression in their own way and through the pursuit of what they feel is their divine calling, reveal hope and discover what it is that we are all made for.

    The young filmmaker said his inspiration for The Evidence of Hope came one day when when he stumbled onto a quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.:

    “So every individual has a responsibility to be concerned about himself enough to discover what he is made for.  After he discovers his calling he should set out to do it with all of the strength and power in his being.  He should do it as if God Almighty called him at this particular moment in history to do it.  He should seek to do his job so well that the living, the dead, or the unborn could not do it better.”

    Motivated by these inspirational words, Amour felt that “the best way to unearth these truths was to put this conversation on the table in front of individuals who were radically living out their calling in response to the oppression in their midst.” The filmmaker had to overcome his own hardships while in production in Indonesia, Honduras, The Philippines and Kenya, at one time having all of his video equipment stolen. But he said the education, experience and relationships with unbelievable people, more than made up for any difficulties faced along the way. Amour hopes the film can spur others to correct injustices that they see around them in their daily lives.

    The video was helped along the way from a partnership with the internationally well-known child advocate and sponsorship organization, Compassion International, and premiered last week in Minneapolis, MN to packed houses. Amour is entering the film in a myriad of festivals and plans for screenings around the country. The Evidence of Hope is a vivid reminder that even in the face of overwhelming adversity, we have a great reason for hope. Online the film can be streamed or downloaded exclusively on Pivotshare, which the filmmaker called “a great resource for the independent artist.” Check it out The Evidence of Hope here on Pivotshare’s video on demand platform!

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