Exodus Cry Uses Pivotshare for Online Fundraising

  • The United Nations has stated that an estimated 21 million people worldwide are trafficked every year for a large variety of reasons. The majority of these individuals are women and children who are targeted for the expressed purpose of sexual exploitation. The seemingly massive scale required to make any sort of impact on this growing pandemic might prove too daunting for some, but the organization Exodus Cry has vowed to heroically enter this battle despite the odds.

    Exodus Cry is a Christian ministry dedicated to helping victims of sex trafficking with prevention, protection and rehabilitation. Started in 2008 by Benjamin Nolot, the organization fights to enact laws, shutdown abusive operations, and help rehabilitate and restore the lives of those that many would call hopeless while using the medium of film to get their important message out to the masses. Their award-winning documentary, Nefarious: Merchant of Souls, written, produced and directed by Nolot himself, peels back the protective mask of the sex industry to show the insidious reality of broken lives and ruined futures that are its direct result.

    Filmed on four continents in various countries where the sex-trade is active, Nefarious not only focuses on the innocent women and children involved but also sociologists, law enforcement specialists, as well as the traffickers themselves. What could seem like a dark and hopeless cinematic journey actually promotes a message of hope as many of the women tell of changed lives through the restorative ministerial efforts of Exodus Cry.

    In order to capitalize on an already substantial supporter base, the organization has used our Pivotshare Embeddable Player to offer the film directly from its own site at nefariousdocumentary.com. Here viewers can learn more about sex-trafficking, watch a preview trailer, read about the production of the film, and of course, purchase access to watch the full feature. The Pivotshare Embeddable Player also allows supporters to donate to the ongoing humanitarian efforts of Exodus Cry at any point in the viewing process.

    The scourge of the global sex trade will not go away on its own, but with the brave efforts of Exodus Cry as well as other similar organizations, hopefully we can see this blight brought to an end in our generation. Pivotshare is proud to be partnering with Exodus Cry by powering their online film distribution and we look forward to assisting them with the many projects they have planned for the future. Anyone interested in learning more should visit ExodusCry.com and watch the film at nefariousdocumentary.com.

    Any charities looking to do online fundraising by selling their media from their own site while also collecting donations should contact Pivotshare here.



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