Grow Your Audience with Pivotshare’s New Free Trial Feature

  • Pivotshare is excited to announce our new Free Trial feature, giving publishers the ability to expand their audiences in brand new ways.

    Now, you can convert more visitors into customers by offering an enticing free trial right on your Pivotshare Channel’s homepage. Free trials are an excellent way to give potential customers a sneak-peek into your exclusive, subscriber-only content, which in turn reduces their hesitation to pay.

    Free Trials can be set to last for 7 days, 2 weeks, or one calendar month. Once the free trial ends, your new signups will be turned into standard, paying subscribers at the rate you were charging at the time of signup. In other words, if your subscription fee was $5.99 on the day a new customer signed up for a free trial, they’ll be locked in at that price when the free trial ends. Like any subscriber, they’ll be charged every month on a regular schedule.

    On the Pivotshare Publisher Console, you have three options to easily setup your trial offer: a one week (7 day), two week, or one month free trial. To enable a free trial offer, simply log into your Publisher Console, and go to the Channel Setup menu. Select Pricing Control and in the Free Trial Subscription section, toggle the setting to “On”. Select the duration of your free trial and click Save Settings, and that’s all! For higher impact, make sure to spread the word through social networks and to your customer base that you now have this free trial offer!

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