Hollywood Icon Joins Pivotshare Online Video Platform

  • In February of this year the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences will gather in Hollywood, California for yet another Academy Awards celebration. The Oscars will be handed out to writers, directors, producers, and actors who have delighted us over the past year with their amazing creative work. But for every person in the entertainment industry who receives an award, there are myriad artists and performers around the world who will never get the chance to work and study in the movie capital of the world simply because of their geographic location. Hollywood icon and master acting instructor, Gloria Gifford hopes to change all of that with the help of Pivotshare online video platform

    Discovered by Bill Cosby early in her career, Gloria has starred in many leading roles, on both the large and small screens. Gloria’s film credits include roles with Eddie Murphy and Nick Nolte in 48 Hours, with Jane Fonda and Michael Caine in California Suite, as well as infamous appearances in the cult classics, This Is Spinal Tap and Halloween II. Gloria’s television work includes guest starring spots on such household favorites through the years as Hart to Hart, The Love Boat, The Nanny with Fran Drescher, ER, and The Practice. She has taught acting in Los Angeles for over 25 years, helping shape the talent and careers of such names as Jenna Elfman, Larry Thomas (aka, the Soup Nazi), and Catherine Bell, as well as Grammy-Award winner, T.I.

    In addition to instructing at The Beverly Hills Playhouse, the American Film Institute (AFI), and her own school, The Gloria Gifford Conservatory, this prolific woman has also taught internationally in Milan, Italy for some of the biggest names in Europe. Seeing that her reach is truly global and being an innovative entrepreneur, Gloria approached Pivotshare with the idea of creating an online acting school for her fans and students across the globe. This busy business woman said that she “had so much interest from people who wanted instruction but for whatever reason could not come to LA. I searched long and hard for a Video On Demand solution that would let me sell my instruction to anyone in the world and I settled on Pivotshare.” You can see the beautiful example of her channel using Pivotshare online video platform here!

    Gloria’s channel contains instructions on not only acting but also on professional attitude as well as the business side of show business. Gloria’s lessons reflect her belief that artists that simply focus on the “art” of acting while ignoring the other aspects of the craft that are required to have a career are doing themselves a great disservice. Intriguing lecture titles include “Communication In Life Is Everything”, “How Being Vulnerable Can Make You a Star” and “You’re Stuck With the Character and the Character is Stuck With You”.

    Just to show that Gloria practices what she preaches in terms of promoting her career, she has created several tools to get the word out about her groundbreaking channel on our video platform. While recently appearing at one of the largest entertainment fan conferences in the country, Gloria took along inexpensive postcards promoting her Pivotshare channel and handed them out to her fans who were only too eager to snatch them up. She also sent out a year-end wrap-up postcard to all of her entertainment industry contacts, letting them know about her achievements and also to remind them about the valuable insight that could be found on her Pivotshare channel. Ms. Gifford is also a regular fixture on many social media platforms, engaging fans and peers alike, and using links to her channel to drive traffic and increase income. She has also taken the further steps to pay a nominal amount for advertisements on Google and Facebook.

    Pivotshare is proud to be partnering with Gloria Gifford with our online video platform and helping her to spread her knowledge across the globe to a new generation of artists. With this much talent, drive, and creativity our team can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

    For more information on how speakers can take center stage every day with Pivotshare, click here!

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