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  • You are a producer of digital media with a stack of DVDs with your name on the covers to prove it. Your videos sell well at events or at your place of business, but you know there is a larger audience out there for you to market to. The internet is filled with prospective customers that would purchase your videos if only there was a safe and easy way to do so. But what is the best way to sell DVDs online? There are several streaming media platform options out there, but only one that is self-service with no starting fees or monthly costs. The best way to sell DVDs online? Pivotshare makes the answer to that question very simple indeed.

    First things first. You’re going to want to start an account to help you create your channel and begin building your media empire. Pop over to our home page and click on the “Sign Up Free” button. Remember: if you want to sell DVDs online, free is good.

    The signup process is pretty simple, but should you have any questions at all, just hope over to our Pivotshare Knowledgebase and click on the link marked Sign-Up Process. That should clear up any questions you have. If not, shoot us an email at and we’ll be happy to help you straighten things out.

    Get ready for the real fun to begin since it’s now time for you to design your media channel. Can you feel the excitement? Again, our Publisher Console is pretty self explanatory but if you have any problems at all you can check out a basic overview of the process in our Getting Started Guide. So hop over to the Publisher Console, put in your email and password and get going. You can always open the Getting Started Guide in a separate tab on the same window as a handy reference.

    So now you have created and designed your channel and only one thing is left. You created a Pivotshare account to turn those discs into digital media making it easy to sell DVDs online to your audience. How do you take your DVD content and magically make it appear on your exciting new branded streaming channel? Worry no more, there is a painless solution ahead.

    The easiest way to deal with DVDs is not to deal with them at all. Do you have access to the original files that were used to create the DVDs in the first place? If so, then you’re all set. Simply go the Add Multimedia tab of the My Content Header and click on the Add File(s) to Upload Queue button and select the file containing your media from the folder on your computer.

    If for whatever reason you do not have access to the physical files on your computer, there are still several ways to go about solving this dilemma. As long as you own the rights to the material produced on the DVDs there are several programs you can legally use in order to take the media off of the non-usable discs and place them into an acceptable file format. Our favorite is called HandBrake.

    HandBrake is a free program that will allow you to take the footage from your DVDs and turn them into standard files on your computer and thus upload them to your Pivotshare channel. So take a look at HandBrake in order to get started.

    On the HandBrake home page you will see a link to the left marked “Download.” You know what to do. On the Download page you will see choices for either the Mac or the PC version and click accordingly. Don’t worry, this is a very reputable product, they will not inject your system with any sort of lethal internet plagues.

    Here is a step-by-step guide on how to use Handbrake:

    1. Insert the DVD that you would like to use into your computer’s DVD drive and open Handbrake.

    2. A menu will then pop up. Click on your DVD drive and then hit the Open button. Handbrake will then scan your disc to analyse your media.

    3. Under the Destination section name the file and under Output Settings make certain the format says “MP4”, which is the default. Also, make sure that the Video Codec window reads “H264”.

    4. Under the Video Quality heading select “Average Bitrate”. Also select both “2-Pass Encoding” as well as “Turbo-First-Pass”. Also, next to “Average Bitrate” make sure it says “1500”, which is also the default.

    5. On the top bar click “Picture Settings” and then click “Filters”. Under Decomb select “Default” and then close out that tiny window.

    6. In the top left corner, click start. HandBrake will tell you when the process is finished.

    The file will now be living on your computer. Simply login to your Pivotshare Publisher Console and under the My Content heading click on “Add Multimedia”.

    In the Upload Queue column click on the big blue bar marked “Add Files” and select the files that you have successfully copied from Handbrake. Now getting out there and start promoting your media through Facebook, Twitter, etc. Spread the word and watch the revenue start rolling in!

    For filmmakers interested in how to sell DVDs online as digital media with Pivotshare, click here!

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