Improve Your OTT Channel Homepage With Featured Collections

  • The Pivotshare team has been beta-testing out the ability to promote Featured Collections on the homepage of OTT channels on our platform, and now it’s official: you can add this beautiful functionality to your Pivotshare channel too!

    Featured Collections helps organize your channel’s homepage and showcases your top video collections to customers as soon as they land on your channel. They can be enabled in a set of five, or alternatively, two rows of five for ten collections before showing your video thumbnails. This feature not only helps to make your channel look even better, but it also helps you promote your best content.

    Here is an example of a how the top section of your OTT channel would look like with a full set of ten Featured Collections:

    Cross Counter TV

    To enable Featured Collections on your channel, all you have to do is set up at least 5 collections in your publisher console and then send a quick note to us at We’ll take care of the rest!

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