Improving The SVOD World At A New Location

  • The Pivotshare team has a brand new view!

    Team Pivotshare recently moved from our Irvine offices to new digs in Newport Beach, CA, right across the street from the Fashion Island shopping center. While we loved our old location, we figured, what’s the point of doing business ten minutes from the ocean if we can’t look out our window and see it any time we want to?

    Our new space includes fancy coffee machines, ionized water (we’re not actually sure what this means), and beer on tap. One of the selling points was also the ridiculous view of Balboa, the Newport coast, as well as Catalina Island on a clear day. The Pivotshare team looks forward to helping improve the SVOD world from our beachside HQ. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by and say “Hi!”.



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