Mississippi Damned and Selling Indie Films Online

  • Everyone comes to a point in their lives when they are forced to decide whether to continue down the road put before them, or to strike out in a different, unknown direction. This universal human experience is brilliantly examined in the touching feature film, Mississippi Damned. Set against a backdrop of the rural South, the story focuses on the lives of three young black siblings and their choice to either fight against the demons that have wreaked havoc on their extended family for years, or confront these issues and in so doing, break free. Poverty, infidelity, and abuse are all explored in a real and raw way that few films ever achieve.

    Mississippi Damned was written and directed by Tina Mabry who was named one of the 25 New Faces in Independent Film by Filmmaker Magazine. Mabry, a graduate of the USC Film program, produced her film in association with the Film Independent’s (FIND) Project: Involve and it was later awarded the prestigious Kodak Film Grant. Filmed in North Carolina, the movie stars Malcolm Goodwin (American Gangster, Breakout Kings), Tessa Thompson (Grey’s Anatomy, Heroes), and D.B. Woodside (Parenthood, 24). The film has already won over a dozen awards in various national and international film festivals.

    The makers of Mississippi Damned chose to offer the project to their fans by embedding the Pivotshare player directly onto the promotional site for Mississippi Damned. Visitors to the site can learn more about learn about the production of the film, read about the cast and crew, watch a preview trailer for Mississippi Damned, and of course, purchase a Pay-Per-View rental of the film, all without ever having to leave the site. The Pivotshare player was built to create a clean, simple tool for filmmakers to offer their projects to their fans in the most seamless way possible.

    Producer, Morgan Stiff spoke of why she chose our online distribution platform when she said, “We were very excited when we found Pivotshare because it gives indie filmmakers choices and opportunities. Having entertained less than desirable offers from distributors, Pivotshare allowed us to bring our film directly to our audience and find new ones! After thorough research we knew Pivotshare was the best solution.” Stiff went on to explain that the tools themselves were not the only positive aspect to this partnership, “An unexpected and welcomed bonus was the assistance that we received from the Pivotshare team. They worked hand-in-hand with us to set up our channel and to make sure we positioned ourselves for maximum exposure. The experience working with Pivotshare has been very satisfying and we look forward to growing our catalog of films on their platform in the future.”

    At Pivotshare, we love filmmakers and the art that they create and are thrilled to have the opportunity to serve them by creating new tools aimed at letting them more easily share their gift with the world. Seeing the reaction of the wonderful team behind Mississippi Damned is all the motivation we need to keep going. Filmmakers looking for the simplest way to sell your projects from your own site should contact Pivotshare here.

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