MMA Legend Cung Le Connects Directly to Fans

  • Coming from humble origins, Cung Le escaped South Vietnam on a helicopter under heavy gunfire just one week before the fall of Saigon. Through strength, hard work, and determination, Cung has risen through the ranks to become one of the greatest fighters in martial arts history. Le holds an undefeated 17-0 record in Chinese kickboxing known as Sanshou and is a three-time world kickboxing champion. The storied martial artist has also proven to be a versatile actor, performing in films with such legendary names as Dennis Quaid, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and Channing Tatum.

    Cung Le TV

    Cung was looking for a way to not only share his knowledge of fighting and martial arts with a world of young athletes, he also wanted to give his fans a place where they could get a peek behind the scenes, both when he is on the set and in the gym. Pivotshare provided Cung with the perfect platform to make his plans a reality. This week we are proud to announce the official launch of CungLe.TV, the dedicated subscription video-on-demand channel for his fans worldwide.

    CungLe.TV will offer subscribers different categories such as Strength & Conditioning, Martial Arts Training, Behind the Scenes, as well as many of his legendary MMA fights, not available anywhere else. Cung’s Pivotshare channel will allow his fans to either search by categories or also by keywords. Whether searching for the world’s greatest tricep workout, or the best way to knockout your opponent with a roundhouse kick in the third round, CungLe.TV will have something for everyone.

    Cung’s channel, powered by Pivotshare, gives fans 24/7 access to a growing catalog of videos with fresh content on a weekly basis.

    “I knew I wanted an end-to-end solution to distribute my content to my students and fans around the world. We looked at a lot of platforms and decided that Pivotshare had exactly what we were looking for. My new channel looks amazing and I can get new videos out to my audience as soon as I’m done shooting. Pivotshare has the best technology and product hands-down.”

    Cung’s worldwide audience can watch his channel on mobile devices and smart TVs via Apple Airplay, Chromecast and soon, Roku.

    Pivotshare is thrilled to be helping Cung pursue his dreams to communicate directly to his fans. We look forward to helping Cung unfold the next exciting round of his life.

    Visit Cungle.TV now.

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