Netflix Sees Jump in Subscribers Thanks to Original Video on Demand Content

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    After watching its subscriber growth slow sharply in Q2, subscription video on demand giant Netflix seems to have bounced back strongly in Q3 thanks to their highly popular slate of original programming. Netflix’s investment in original content production and moving away from its reliance on licensed content has thus far proven effective, and many others in this space are following suit with their own roster of originals.

    Netflix’s popular originals like the widely acclaimed “Stranger Things” and “Narcos” kept viewers engaged and new subscribers flowing in, driving their Q3 success. Their original content strategy also seemingly counteracted any churn that resulted from their recent subscription price hikes, as indicated by their net addition of 370,000 subscribers.

    The original programming strategy used by Netflix helps to differentiate itself from the other platforms vying for subscribers’ time and money. For any SVOD service large or small, often the appeal is in the huge library of content and abundance of choices at an affordable price point. But this abundance of content also leads to homogenous products. Nothing stalls growth on a video service like having a product that doesn’t stand out. Netflix’s heavy investment into original programming, as indicated by their recent $1 billion debt offering to fund additional production of original content, gives them more control and full ownership of their content.

     This implication extends to smaller SVOD services and branded channels as well. Investing time and resources to produce premium content that help to differentiate your business from others means more subscribers, more revenue, and more syndication opportunities. And as Netflix shows, there’s always room for growth in the SVOD space as more people continue to cut cords and consume media through mobile devices. If consistently cranking out high-quality content is difficult, consider working with other creators to build a meaningful video business, like so many brands on Pivotshare is doing through our Collaboration feature.

    The saying “Content is King” applies now more than ever as the internet gets more crowded with all types of video content varying widely in quality. If you have the ability to produce valuable, premium content, there will never be a shortage of subscribers waiting to pay and consume it.

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