Pay With Paypal Now Available on the New Subscribe Page of Your OTT Channel

  • paypal

    You asked and we delivered: Your SVOD channel now accepts Paypal payments!

    Paypal integration was part of our recent subscribe page upgrade which improves the checkout process for your customers. By adding Paypal as another payment option, we’ve made it even easier for your SVOD channel to convert first-time visitors. It also helps to expand your customers further to younger audiences who might only have access to Paypal for online purchases.

    Integrating Paypal also helps to eliminate missed opportunities that occur when customers want to subscribe but feel very strongly against giving out their credit card details. The benefits also extend to customers outside the United States, who can now avoid being hit with their bank’s international fees by using Paypal.

    In addition to adding Paypal, your new subscribe page also expedites the checkout process by minimizing the number of clicks needed. We’ve also added additional language to ensure your customers know exactly when and what amount they will be charged so there’s no confusion.

    There’s nothing you need to do – it’s already enabled on your channel. So take a look at the new subscribe page on your channel and keep driving more customers to subscribe!


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