Pivotshare Announces New Flash-Free Video Player

  • Anyone who works in the online video world will tell you that delivering video on the internet is a tricky business. Delivery is dependent on many different systems, owned by multiple entities, all of which must play nicely together, for our videos to be viewed smoothly and consistently. When these systems don’t get along, our entertainment and educational video experience can quickly become scrambled.

    In the last few months our team (and the entire industry) has increasingly seen Flash, an online software used to play video, blocked by a growing number of popular browsers, as it is being phased out for a wide variety of technical reasons. In order to circumvent this issue, and continue to deliver a reliable viewing experience for our customers, our team decided to integrate a new player into our system. It avoids the issue entirely by eliminating the need to use the Flash plug-in at all. Our new player will also be more secure with videos now being delivered using secure https.

    Below is a chart showing different browser versions that will help our customers to find their optimal viewing experience. The below versions, and any more recent versions, should  provide viewers with the best video experience while using the new player. For more information, feel free to visit full article HERE.

    Screen Shot 2017-05-19 at 11.42.41 AM

    We thank you for your patience as we continue to adjust the new player for optimal playback. Please let us know any questions or issues you may have by sending us a support inquiry at support@pivotshare.com or through the Customer Support Center by clicking on the link in the footer of any of our channels.



    The Pivotshare Team

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