Pivotshare Announces Total Platform Update With Mobile Apps, Download/Buy and Tip Jar Functionality!


    Pivotshare, the Streaming Media Monetization Platform, Announces Updates Incorporating Mobile Accessibility, Download & Tip Jar Functionalities.

    Startup now allows anyone to sell access to their media across all leading devices with an expanding array of monetization tools

    Costa Mesa, Calif. –  Pivotshare, a digital media startup, announced today an update of their self-service online platform that allows anyone to sell their media directly to their audience. Filmmakers, comedians, speakers, experts of all kinds and a host of other media producers may now offer their content on all leading iOS and Android devices. The new platform also offers added features such as the ability to buy videos as a download and the capacity for customers to tip or donate as a means of support. The first player in the game to offer a true self-service platform for monetizing media, Pivotshare has received $1.6 million from Townsgate Media.

    Among the other features, the new mobile apps will allow anyone to watch Pivotshare content while on the go on either smartphones or tablets. The apps were designed separately in order to guarantee an optimized experience, maximizing the strengths and abilities of both device types. The apps are free and can be found in the iTunes and Google Play stores. All of Pivotshare’s media, whether films, instructional videos, entertainment or any other content can now be watched anywhere. The apps are also customer-centric, which means that after a user logs in, they can see all the content they have bought, rented or subscribed to, thus simplifying the viewing process.

    Content on the platform was previously offered on either a Pay-Per-View or Subscription basis, but Pivotshare has now created the capability for their clients to sell their media as a download. Much like the incredibly popular Louis C.K. comedy special of last year, the Pivotshare downloads will also come with the option of streaming the media in addition to storing it on a local hard drive. On top of the usual media, publishers can also allow their customers to download companion files after purchasing content, such as bonus material, lecture notes, or promotional images.

    The first project to use the purchase/download function on Pivotshare is the environmental documentary, Trashed: No Place For Waste, starring Jeremy Irons with a score by Academy Award winner, Vangelis. In the film, director Candida Brady takes the viewer on a whirlwind tour of global garbage hotspots, where trash has taken over. Brady asks her audience to understand that the things we throw away, don’t stay gone for long. Working through the food chain, toxic chemicals from garbage quickly wind up on our dinner plates in the food we eat. Brady said, “I felt that no one had joined the dots on the issue of waste and painted the whole picture. It was time we all knew what was really happening.”

    The Pivotshare team has also created a “Tip Jar” element that lets producers give their fans the opportunity to support their work for either paid or free content on the platform. One use for this tool would be charities harnessing it as a powerful and convenient way to conduct online fundraising. They can do so either through their own site using the Pivotshare embeddable player or on their own branded Pivotshare channel. High-quality videos with an emotional element can help charities bring attention as well as crucial funding towards specific projects or the organization as a whole. Media producers can also harness the strength of this tool by allowing their fans to donate after viewing the content, whether or not they paid for the ability to watch to begin with.

    Pivotshare founder, Adam Mosam, says, “We are excited to release these new features to our publishers. We are now empowering our users to sell their content in new ways and we give them the flexibility to combine multiple payment models on a single channel.“

    In addition to their new tool set, Pivotshare also makes it easy to distribute your own media by requiring no starting or monthly fees to open your own branded channel on the platform. Mosam goes on to say, “The simplicity of the platform hasn’t changed. Start a channel, upload your media, set a price and start selling.” Publishers and content creators are encouraged to visit http://www.pivotshare.com and sign up today.

    About Pivotshare
    Pivotshare is the best way to make money from your digital media online. With a cutting-edge platform and innovative services, Pivotshare revolutionizes the way publishers sell access to their content.

    Pivotshare is a complete self-service solution for media publishers. Anyone can easily monetize content on their own branded online channel or on their own website using pay-per-view, subscription access, downloads, tips in any combination. Our multi-device streaming platform is simple to use and has powerful tools to help publishers succeed in the new digital economy.

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