Pivotshare Changes Way Celebrities Sell Media Online


    Startup changes the way celebrities sell media with branded apps  and white labeling for leading mobile and tablet devices

    Costa Mesa, Calif. –  Pivotshare, a digital media startup, announced today that their platform will now offer a new resource providing branded apps through their Customization Services program for select publishers. Pivotshare is rolling out the service with the unveiling of the Elite MMA fighting channel, featuring UFC heavyweight champion of the world, Bas Rutten. The mobile apps will allow subscribers to watch Pivotshare video content while on the go on either smartphones or tablets while simultaneously putting the media’s brand in the spotlight. Like the standard Pivotshare app, these customized versions will also be found in both the iTunes and Google Play stores, free of charge.

    Bas Rutten (also known as El Guapo), is the three-time holder of the coveted title of King of Pancrase, a no-holds-barred Japanese fighting competition. Bas is considered one of the greatest mixed martial artists of all time, as well as one of the most colorful personalities to ever enter the ring. “I have over ten years of video material that was all over the map. I wanted a single place where my fans could subscribe and watch everything I’ve ever done. Pivotshare made that happen.”

    The Elite MMA channel will feature Bas’ rich catalogue of MMA fights with commentary, martial arts training videos, as well as his educational bar-fighting classic, Bas Rutten’s Lethal Self Defense. A monthly subscription to the entire Bas Rutten media library will be $4.99 for his army of fans. You can begin your training and check out the Elite MMA channel at: https://elitemma.pivotshare.com/. “I’m excited that all my friends around the world can now come to my very own channel and watch El Guapo give a few liver shots and maybe learn a thing or three about fight training!”

    On top of branded apps, the Pivotshare Customization Service will also offer custom URLs as well as a white-labeled version of the platform. Founder and CEO, Adam Mosam said, “From day one we wanted to set ourselves apart by offering content owners and publishers a platform where their brand could shine. We really want them to feel like they truly have ownership of their online property. This is their brand, their content and all under their control.”

    Pivotshare is also unique in the online media distribution market in it’s self-service nature. Anyone can go to Pivotshare.com, sign up with no starting or monthly fees, upload their content and be open for business in a matter of minutes. Their simple, but powerful design tools also let users make a wide variety of design choices when setting up their media business.

    There are also other Pivotshare features that the company feels are further industry differentiators. The Pivotshare solution allows video producers to use titled Media Markers, similar to tracks on a traditional DVD, that in turn let their customers quickly search for a specific spot in the content. The result is a much more efficient delivery system and a superior user experience. With Pivotshare, media producers also have the flexibility to choose from a variety of revenue models such as Pay-Per-View, download, channel-wide Subscription, or a combination of them all. Pivotshare understands that this adaptability will enable their customers to tailor the platform to perfectly fit their individual needs.


    About Bas Rutten

    Bas Rutten is a Dutch mixed martial artist, a blackbelt in Karate and Taekwondo as well as a world-class kickboxer. Bas was the UFC Heavyweight Champion of the World and also a three-time King of Pancrase, a famous Japanese fighting competition. Currently the star of the show, Punk Payback on Fuel TV, Bas also co-hosts Inside MMA and co-stars in the film, Here Comes the Boom with Kevin James. Bas is also a trainer and part owner at the MMA gym, Bas Ruten’s Elite Mixed Martial Arts in Thousand Oaks, California.


    About Pivotshare

    Pivotshare is the best way to make money from your digital media online. With a cutting-edge platform and innovative services, Pivotshare revolutionizes the way publishers sell access to their content.

    Pivotshare is a complete self-service solution for media publishers. Anyone can easily monetize content on their own branded online channel or on their own website using pay-per-view, subscription access, downloads, tips in any combination. Our multi-device streaming platform is simple to use and has powerful tools to help publishers succeed in the new digital economy.

    For more information and to sign up, please visit http://www.pivotshare.com.


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