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  • It is widely quoted that the average person fears public speaking more than they fear the idea of death. But for many professionals in the United States, being a public speaker is their career of choice. Whether the genre they communicate is business, motivational, faith, or a host of others, thousands of speakers travel around to every corner of our country to share their knowledge at one of the more than a half-million conferences of various types held every year.

    There is a wide spectrum of fees charged by speakers in every possible category. Celebrities, politicians, and sports notables often ask for fees that run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. On the flip side, there are many people, trying to break into the speaking world, who are happy to make an appearance for absolutely nothing. Many speakers supplement their speaking income by selling CDs and DVDs at the events at which they speak. In fact, a good portion of these professionals make more money from the sales of media than they do from the actual fees that they ask for speaking in the first place. But burning, labeling and mailing your DVDs to an event is not only time-consuming, but also incredibly costly to the bottom line. Shipping or hauling them across the country to sell at events is no easier. There has to be a better way to sell monetized media.

    Pivotshare believes that communicators should focus on doing just that with their audience. Our branded online channels allow anyone to deliver their media (whether audio or video) directly to their paying customers on any leading device. As nationwide sales figures clearly show, consumers are less and less interested in buying physical media. Audience members energized by something said at a gathering might be more inclined to pay for a DVD, but Pivotshare allows speakers to reach out from their own branded channel to a worldwide audience that may not have had a chance to attend one of their actual appearances. Your branding, your media, conveying your message from your own Pivotshare channel where you can easily sell monetized media.

    A large majority of speakers in this country don’t take the stage more than a few times a month. With a Pivotshare channel, they can communicate with their audience as often as they’d like. Because the platform is self-service, communicators can immediately upload new footage to Pivotshare the moment they step off stage or finish recording their own videos. Our user-friendly Publisher Console gives editors the immediate ability to modify their channel by uploading new media, change promotional images, or alter their pricing. The distribution of their message is no longer contingent on a conference invitation. Our solution to sell monetized media gives speakers a digital platform that allows them to speak every day of the week. And get paid for it.

    There are other ways Pivotshare can help speakers as well. The player that our customers use to stream their media to fans has built-in social media tools, allowing viewers to tell their friends and contacts about the amazing material that they are benefiting from. In effect, their audience helps them to build their audience. Communicators can also use our Media Markers to insert timed bookmarks into their video material. Instead of wading through hours of footage looking for a specific subject, viewers can search for or click on a Media Marker and jump to the desired segment.

    Pivotshare looks forward to helping more speakers communicate their passion and knowledge to a larger audience every day.

    To find out more about how Pivotshare can let you sell monetized media on your own branded channel, click here!

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