Pivotshare Makes Facebook Video Sharing Easier

  • Online video consumption and purchases will double by 2016 according to Cisco, so getting the word out about your videos must include a holistic social media strategy. That means making sure your premium videos are promoted on Facebook – still the top dog among all social media networks.

    But is there an easy way to link non-YouTube videos with Facebook? Previously, the most common method of linking premium, purchasable video content was to simply post a link. Any links directed to YouTube would automatically display the YouTube video right on Facebook. But a link to a non-YouTube video would get you little more than an image on Facebook. Now there’s an easier way to promote and share your premium videos.

    Pivotshare has leveraged Facebook’s popularity and some of its recent changes on how it deals with video, and updated our platform to make sharing videos on Facebook easier and better than ever.

    You can literally embed your Pivotshare-hosted video trailers right on Facebook. Simply find your preferred video on your Pivotshare Channel and click on the Facebook sharing button underneath it. Type out the text you’d like to share and send it along. If your video has a Preview file associated with it, your video will now appear right in your Facebook stream for all of your fans and followers to see, complete with a Call To Action button.

    Facebook Post Before Click
    Facebook Post After Click

    Facebook denizens can watch your preview video and jump directly to your video channel purchasing window with just a single click, helping to elevate conversion rates and potentially increasing your online video sales in a truly significant way.

    The Facebook preview functionality is available to any and all Pivotshare channels. If you don’t yet have one, sign up today. It’s free to start and there are no monthly fees!

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