Pivotshare & PR Newswire team up to put video content in the spotlight

  • Bill Gates once said that if he was down to the last dollar of his marketing budget, he’d spend it on PR. Getting your company written up in reputable press locations, whether that be physical print or online publications, can be one of the most valuable uses of time and resources of any sized organization. But what if you are just starting out? What if your budget can’t compete with some of the bigger named companies in your market? What if you can’t afford to hire a PR rep? Pivotshare has a solution for you!Welcome to the Pivotshare Spotlight. Through a special relationship with PR Newswire, our team is able to offer the ability for our customers to create and distribute an online press release at a drastically reduced price. Whether you’re selling independent films, comedy specials, or any kind of instructional content, Pivotshare will get your news out to the world at a price any budget can handle. In effect, Pivotshare has turned what was once an unrealistic expense into an affordable reality. With Pivotshare Spotlight the burden of discoverability has been removed from producers who sell video online.

    For nearly sixty years, our partner, PR Newswire, has been the premier global provider of multimedia platforms that let businesses and organizations of all sizes get their announcements into the public eye. PR Newswire’s syndicated content network of over 5,000 websites, will let our customers get information about their online video channels in front of a much larger audience, and with a web presence that will drive traffic to their media. But the Spotlight Program doesn’t stop there. We also allow our producers to choose from a selected Target List that lets them not only send their release to PR Newswire’s network of sites, but also a strategic group of journalists who write on their specific genre. These two elements come together to create an effective combination of both physical and online print.

    No matter what genre your media is related to, the Pivotshare Spotlight Program is an easy and affordable way for you to raise awareness, increase your influence and ultimately expand your media empire. For more details and to get started creating your first press release, click here! The entire Pivotshare team looks forward to soon reading all about your exciting new channel with our morning coffee.

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