Pivotshare’s Streaming Video Platform Is Growing!

  • Since making our funding announcement in August of last year, Pivotshare streaming video platform has been hard at work. Our team of designers and engineers have been creating new products, developing our apps, and servicing our growing list of clients, but even they have to admit that things have got to change…for the better. Our office is so busy that we thought it only made sense to let some more folks in on the fun. Pivotshare has announced that they will be hiring at least two new positions in our Southern California offices.

    Pivotshare made their first noise in Fast Company, TheNextWeb, and TechCrunch, immediately attracting a small army of digital media producers looking for an easy way to sell videos online. Since that time, Pivotshare has streamed charity fundraisers, international conferences, comedy specials, as well as award-winning independent films and documentaries. The self-service platform for online media sales continues to grow larger and more diverse with each passing day. The current team is really looking forward to getting some fresh hands on deck to help man the oars.

    In addition to their existing employees, the company will be bringing on board a front-end javascript developer to the engineering team in order to speed infrastructure development and assist with a new product launch. Pivotshare will also be hiring a new sales associate to help bring in fresh business to our growing family of online media channels. Interviews are currently in progress and many qualified applicants have already been screened. The talent of these applicants are not going to make the job of choosing our next team member an easy one, but as one of the leaders in self-service online video platforms, Pivotshare will accept nothing less than the cream of the tech crop.

    The company offers competitive salary packages including stock options, medical benefits, and a challenging office environment working on new ways to completely revolutionize the way people consume media. Pivotshare will soon be making some rather huge announcements that will guarantee to give their new staff plenty of technical excitement to sink their teeth into for the foreseeable future. Things around the Pivotshare office are about to get a bit more crowded, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

    For more information concerning available positions with Pivotshare, please email us at careers@pivotshare.com.

    To find out more about Pivotshare and their exciting solutions to sell media online, click here!


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