PowerslamTV, the World’s Largest Indie Pro-Wrestling Library

  • Since building their first pro wrestling channel in 2014, Pivotshare has become the platform of choice for professional wrestling promotions around the world to create their own branded subscription video on demand channels. Pivotshare now powers over 150 pro wrestling channels in over 15 countries for some of the biggest names in the industry such as international favorites ICW, Demand Progress, RevPro, Pro Wrestling Eve, and Over the Top along with North American powerhouses such as Highspots, CZW, and Smash Wrestling.

    Always looking for ways to help their wrestling partners grow their audience as well as their recurring monthly revenue, Pivotshare is proud to announce the launch of their new pro wrestling mega-channel, PowerslamTV, the largest indie pro wrestling channel in the entire world. At launch Powerslam offers nearly 1,500 hours of content from over 60 worldwide promotions. Traditionally, wrestling promotions generated revenue through DVD sales and YouTube advertising revenues. But with spiraling DVD sales and YouTube no longer paying for wrestling content, PowerslamTV is a beacon of hope for wrestling organizations everywhere who are looking to grow their fan-base and revenue by exposing their brand to a completely new audience.

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    Pivotshare’s head of Publisher Relations, Chris Woolsey expressed his excitement about the project when he said, “We wanted to create a channel that was going to not only help our partner-promotions generate revenue, but to also reach a huge new audience through super-serving global wrestling fans.” He went on to add, “It seemed like all of the other streaming options in the market aren’t really delivering on their promises of revenue, and are building their brands at the expense of indie wrestling promotions. We wanted to create something that can grow along with the great brands we work with. We think wrestling content is valuable, and our partners should receive real revenue from their hard work.”

    The content on Powerslam is organized into categories such as Strong Style, Lucha, Hardcore, All Ages, Classic, and Women’s Wrestling, as well as Round Tables and Shoot Interviews and events with such industry stars as Matt Hardy and A.J. Styles, and legends like Mick Foley, and Ric Flair. Not only does PowerslamTV have your favorite matches from the past, but also is continually updated with new events, some of which will be exclusive, offered nowhere else in the pro wrestling world.

    It all comes down to the fact that the Pivotshare team loves pro wrestling and wants to help promotions grow their businesses so they can continue creating the amazing events that their fans love so much. Wrestling promotions interested in generating revenue and growing their audience by offering their on Powerslam can sign up on Powerslam.tv/join/. Wrestling fans around the world can go to Powerslam.tv and choose their preferred destination to download the app and subscribe.


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