Sharing Your Video On Twitter Now Looks Better Than Ever, With Pivotshare

  • Twitter introduced the Twitter Video Card earlier this year, allowing users to embed a video right into their tweets. The video can then be played right inside a user’s Twitter feed.  Tests have shown that using Twitter Video Cards help to increase user engagement and also drives more views of the video ( So how can you take advantage of this cool feature?  With Pivotshare, it’s easy to do.

    When your video is shared on Twitter via Pivotshare’s Twitter sharing feature, the video appears on the timeline with its own custom player.  Inside the player your audience can either preview the video directly in Twitter or they can click on a Watch Now button.  The latter takes them to the video on your Pivotshare channel where they can easily purchase it.

    To share your video with a Twitter Video Card, all you have to do is go to your channel and select the video you’d like to share.  Click on the Twitter sharing icon underneath it and customize your tweet any way you’d like, but make sure to keep the url for your video exactly the way it is.

    When you’re done, click “Tweet” and that’s it!

    So if you haven’t already, sign up today for a channel and start sharing your videos on Twitter.  Encourage your fans to share your work with their followers too.  It’s just one more way Pivotshare helps you generate more revenue with your videos.

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