SoCal Tech Association Uses Pivotshare to Sell Videos Online

  • Technology investment in Orange County, California is growing at a tremendous rate, so much so that the area is threatening to pull the tech spotlight south from Silicon Valley. Part of this exciting development in innovation is due to the efforts of an OC organization called OCTANe. The mission of OCTANe is to connect innovators and entrepreneurs with the crucial relationships and resources they need in order to develop their business.

    Created in September of 2002 by co-founders Tom Moebus, former vice-chancellor of University of California, Irvine and Dwight Decker, former CEO and chairman of Conexant Systems, the organization has made a lasting impact on the economic development of the entire Orange County area. Over the course of their history, OCTANe has helped companies raise over $217 million in funding and equity exits. In 2012 alone, $77 million dollars was raised for a variety of new businesses through their LaunchPad program, the group’s platform for assisting startups in the technology, biomedical and cleantech industries. Our company, Pivotshare, was among them.

    OCTANe executives approached Pivotshare with an interesting concept concerning our online media platform. By gathering some of the top business minds in Southern California to speak, mentor and advise members at their events, the group was beginning to amass quite a media library of industry knowledge. Not wanting any of this priceless information go to waste, OCTANe asked our company to create the OCTANe channel to allow them to sell videos online, a monetized hub for their entire media library. You can check out their wonderful collection at

    Because of the enormous amount of media content that OCTANe was bringing to the table, when creating their channel, Pivotshare decided to use our Library Mode, the style recommended for those with more than 10 or so video offerings. Visitors to OCTANe’s channel can browse for media through a wide variety of organizational paths. By clicking on the Program tab, viewers can see videos separated by the sort of OCTANe program that they are associated with. They can also search by industry, whether it’s Clean Tech, Life Science or Software Technology. Of course, you can always just see what videos are the most popular and jump to them immediately.

    Not only does Pivotshare allow associations and organizations who wish to sell videos online to organize their media in nearly any way they would like, we also have another aspect to the platform that is not available anywhere else. Using Pivotshare’s Media Markers, users can title particular sections of video with timed “bookmarks”, allowing customers to search for a specific topic or speaker amongst a longer video, making the whole process much more efficient. In effect, these Media Markers turn your products into a gigantic searchable video library.

    On top of these other great features, a large benefit of the Pivotshare channel to associations and organization is the ability to generate income while spreading their influence and message across a worldwide audience, one that before was impossible to reach. OCTANe President and CEO, Matthew Jenustaisis explained their opinion of the final product when he said, “In terms of tactical implementation, the Pivotshare platform embraces two qualities that are extremely important to our organization, a high level of professionalism and extremely easy to use.  We love this platform!”

    In the past, the knowledge delivered at an OCTANe event would end when the lights were turned out, but with Pivotshare, that information can be shared through the use of email databases as well as links on social media. OCTANe can now pass their wisdom on to professionals anywhere who might not have the ability to physically attend an event. Jenusaitis highlighted this aspect when he was he said that, “By utilizing the Pivotshare platform we are able to reach a much larger audience without the traditional constraints of geographic boundaries.”

    With no starting or monthly fees, OCTANe was able to turn piles of amazing footage into a simple, useful, and best of all, income generating online showcase to share their expertise with entrepreneurs and business communities happy to pay to for their knowledge. We can’t wait to see the next piece of fantastic media that OCTANe offers to their customers and the rest of the planet.

    Associations and business groups interested in creating a Pivotshare channel to sell videos online, click here!

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