Speaking Tour Brings Paid Content to the People

  • Now that everyone has returned home from their summer vacations, Pivotshare thought it would be the perfect time for us to hit the road! The Pivotshare team has spent the summer building a variety of new tools to make it even easier for paid content creators to sell media directly to their audience. Anyone can use pay-per-view rentals, purchase downloads, channel-wide subscriptions, tip-jars or a combination of them all to create their own branded VOD storefront. We’re so excited about everything we have going on that we thought we’d stop by a few hot spots and tell the folks there how we Pivotshare is helping to change the way the world consumes media.

    Friday, Sept. 27th – Social Media Week, Toronto – The Future Of Home Entertainment

    Saturday, Sept. 28th – MIT Hacking Arts Festival, Cambridge, MA – Storytelling in the Digital Age

    Oct. 2-3 – Dogfish Accelerator, New York – Filmmaker Mentoring Workshops

    Sunday, Oct. 6 – San Diego Film Festival, San Diego – The Business Side of the Business

    The first stop on our road trip will be Social Media Week, Toronto. Founded in 2009, Social Media Week has grown from its inaugural event in New York City to over 2500 biannual international events with physical attendance topping 70,000 in 26 countries. The goal of these events is to create an atmosphere that “connects people, content, and conversation around emerging trends in social and mobile media.” Keynotes, panels and breakout sessions will feature a wide spectrum of discussions revolving around how social media is affecting marketing, communications, and business operations worldwide. These events will be hosted by such diverse organizations as ING Direct, Etsy and The Nature Conservancy.

    Adam’s discussion is entitled The Future of Home Entertainment and will focus on how the shift away from the cable paradigm is creating paid content choice for consumers, while the affordability of production equipment is allowing professional media to be created outside of the studio systems. The panel aims to explore how social media can be the link between these two worlds and the driving force for content discovery and marketing. Check out the date and time here.

    The next stop on the Pivotshare party bus is a little educational destination known as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, or MIT for the launch of their Hacking Arts festival. According to their site, this gathering will be, “MIT’s first annual festival and hackathon exploring the intersection of arts and entertainment, technology and entrepreneurship.” The goal of the event is to create an environment where engineers, entrepreneurs, musicians, artists and designers can get together and discuss their experiences and future goals for changing the media world.

    Adam’s panel will be entitled, All the World’s a Screen: Storytelling in the Digital Age and he will be joined by Albert Reinhardt, the Vice President of Product of Fandor, a film startup that focuses on indie, international and classic movies. Adam will talk about recent developments in Video On Demand  and paid content tech and how it is completely changing the way both film, television and paid content of all kinds are being distributed to audiences around the world. Find out all of the details here.

    The next destination on Adam’s current tour will be beautiful New York City to meet up with the wonderful folks at Dogfish Accelerator, the “first ever accelerator program for film producers.” Started by producer James Belfer, (Prince Avalanche, Compliance) the program seeks to support independent filmmakers by supplying them with seed funding, training, resources and most importantly, mentorship from experts in the tech and entertainment industries. Adam is going to spend a couple of days mentoring a full slate of filmmaking teams as to the current state of online film distribution and how they might maximize their profits while also increasing their project’s exposure. The Pivotshare team loves filmmakers and in this time spent with the next generation of innovative content creators we also look forward to finding out how we can better serve them and build tours to help them achieve their creative goals. To find out more about Dogfish and how they are changing the face of the independent film world, click here!

    The final stop on the Pivotshare tour will be the fantastic San Diego Film Festival, October 2-6. This gathering of filmmakers from both the independent and studio worlds, founded in 2001, continues to grow and this year will offer over 100 feature screenings, filmmaker Q&As, panel discussions, panels, parties, and all the glitz and glamour of a Hollywood premiere. Adam’s panel will be entitled, The Business Side of the Business and aims to introduce filmmakers to ways that they might take their artistic creations and turn them into economic success stories. Check out the schedule here!

    So, as you can see, it’s going to be a busy month for Pivotshare both in and out of the office. If you’re going to be anywhere near any of these events this month, be sure to stop in and say hello. We’d love the chance to shake a hand and find out how we can help you build a media empire!

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