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  • Free Flyers, Indie Hang Gliding Doc Soars on VOD

    The ability to soar like a bird seems to be one of the most pervasive desires of mankind. Those that can do so without the aid of an airplane are indeed a special breed. The recent Pivotshare-exclusive documentary, Free Flyers, showcases these intrepid individuals, giving viewers a glimpse into a lifestyle that few of us will ever dare to know.

    Director Tony Ritter began his cinematic career as the Director of Photography for big budget Hollywood films. He soon found the glacial pace of development to be too frustrating and so took the production reins into his hands. Wanting to combine his love of flying with his love of film, Tony hooked up with thirteen of the greatest hang gliders and paragliders in the world (including 4-time World Aerobatic Champion  and Guinness World Record Holder, John Heiney) to make his film about the sport. With top pilots, three cameras and a 24-day shooting schedule in three of the most popular flying sites in America, Tony Ritter created his own feature film from start to finish.

    After filming and post-production was completed, rather than return to the studio system, Tony chose Pivotshare to distribute his film. Tony is using Pivotshare’s monetized embeddable player on his corporate site. The player not only allows his customers to go from viewing a preview to purchasing to watching the full feature all without leaving the page, it also captures valuable customer data, which allows for easy repeat purchases as well as future marketing opportunities.
  • Exodus Cry Uses Pivotshare for Online Fundraising

    The United Nations has stated that an estimated 21 million people worldwide are trafficked every year for a large variety of reasons. The majority of these individuals are women and children who are targeted for the expressed purpose of sexual exploitation. The seemingly massive scale required to make any sort of impact on this growing pandemic might prove too daunting for some, but the organization Exodus Cry has vowed to heroically enter this battle despite the odds.

  • Top Ten Environmental Documentaries for Earth Day

    To celebrate Earth Day and because Pivotshare is quickly becoming the streaming media platform of choice for documentary makers, we thought we would come up with a list of our favorite environmental docs of all time. Enjoy! The Corporation (2003)

    This comprehensive overview of the character of business asks if corporations were actually human, what sort of people would they be? You might decide it’s someone that you don’t necessarily want to live next door to.

  • Children’s Charity Using Pivotshare for Fundraising

    Nothing brightens the day of a parent more than seeing their children smile with joy. But what if your child is in a situation where smiling becomes a daily struggle? For thousands of parents of children with a terminal disease, this is the reality of their lives. As these brave young people wage a heroic battle against all types of illness, the parents must stand by and try to keep the children’s lives as normal and joyful as possible. One Hollywood celebrity has dedicated his time, energy and resources to make this struggle just a little bit easier.

  • Exclusive Video On Demand Release: The Evidence of Hope

    There are times when the dire state of events around the world makes us want to collectively throw up our hands in abject resignation. Whether caused by war, famine, corruption, disease or any category of tragedy, the pain and suffering we see all too often can be overwhelming to the extreme. There are moments when it would seem so much easier to resign ourselves to grief or apathy, and like flipping a switch buried deep inside ourselves, simply give up hope. Filmmaker Chad Amour’s new video project suggests that, upon closer examination, there is in actuality much reason to do otherwise.

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