The Lineman Channel Keeps Power and Revenue Flowing

  • Every once in a while, an online video channel powered by Pivotshare takes the basic premise of selling premium videos and does something really innovative with our platform to demonstrate what’s possible. In this case, we are proud to spotlight the Lineman Channel.

    The first question you may be asking is: “What’s a Lineman?’ Linemen are the thousands of highly-trained individuals who maintain the complicated electrical systems and power grids that crisscross the entire U.S. These amazingly skilled tradespeople keep turned on what we take for granted everyday – electrical power. Imagine without power flowing, how paralyzed our society would become. In an effort to help create the next generation of Linemen, Pivotshare is proud to announce

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    The Lineman Channel, offering the best instructional video content for the electrical industry, is the brainchild of the Northwest Lineman College (NLC), who trains more professionals in this industry than any other institution, and Grid Creative, their video production arm. From their campuses in Idaho, California, and Texas, NLC has trained more than 17,000 linemen worldwide. NLC is one of the most respected schools of its kind in the US, having been selected by the Department of Energy for their industry-wide training programs. In order to expand their reach globally (having worked in Asia and Africa), executives at the school approached Pivotshare to create an online home for their library of high-quality educational videos.

    As might be expected, NLC’s curriculum goes far beyond simple climbing and safety instruction. Their campuses are equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories, cutting-edge power grid simulators, underground training, as well as world-class field facilities. Jeremy Wiese, the organization’s Creative Director, explains why they chose Pivotshare for their online video distribution. “After an extensive review of the platform we knew there was something special about what Pivotshare offered. Unlike other template video platforms out there, Pivotshare offered the exact subscription and rental models we needed, with great support and reliability that we didn’t find from other video platforms.”

    The Lineman Channel is not only being used by the students at NLC, but by electrical workers that want to stay current and utilize NLC’s deep knowledge base for continuing education. The pre-built features Pivotshare offers make it easy for students to search and find the exact topic and video training session they desire on NLC can organize videos according to categories or courses of learning and also as video collections. When a student purchases a video in a collection, all of the other videos in that collection are displayed as well, increasing higher dollar amount per purchase.

    Wiese commented on the simplicity of the entire process of creating the online channel. “I can’t believe how easy it’s been to get up and rolling! Pivotshare handles everything, encoding, payment processing, and customer service, leaving me free to focus on cranking out more videos. The experience so far has really surpassed our expectations.” Pivotshare is thrilled to be partnering with the Lineman Channel to help ensure the power and revenue keep flowing. Educational institutions interested in starting their own Pivotshare channel to sell their instructional content can click here for more information.

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