The Paid Content Movement

  • Everyone loves viral videos. Who hasn’t passed along a hilarious clip they found in their morning in-box that brought a smile to their face? Some of these classic clips have registered hundreds of millions of hits on an ever-growing variety of viewing platforms populating the web. Because of ad-based revenue models, these internet sensations have garnered some pretty hefty paychecks for the select few who were lucky enough to have their digital camera in the right place at the right time. But what about the rest of the video-producing world?

    People love viral videos for a variety of reasons. They’re usually hilarious and they’re extremely easy to send to our friends. But they are also free. Would anyone pay to watch a viral video? In most cases, the answer to that question is a resounding “no.” No one will pay to watch short clips on the internet. But what if a video doesn’t fit into that “viral” category? What alternatives are there for the rest of the video content producers on the planet? All videos are not created equal. Some fit perfectly into the YouTube-style business model. But what about those that do not?

    There is an entire world of media out there that will never register half a billion hits on any digital platform. They simply weren’t designed to do so. That doesn’t mean there is not an audience for them. Just because media is lower volume doesn’t mean it can’t also be higher quality. In fact, many are of such high quality and contain such wonderful content that there is an entire audience-base that would willingly pay to view the offering. Paid content is not a new business model. It’s actually the way the movie industry was born.

    There are many companies out there that have been blazing the trail in changing the market attitude about paying for media. For the last few years, Netflix has offered paid content in the entertainment realm that users streamed directly to their smartphones, computers, and televisions. While the use of paid content providers has been growing over recent years, frustration with advertisement-based cable television services are causing dramatic drops in subscription numbers across the country. According to recent analytics, cable television providers in the U.S. lost nearly 400,000 viewers in the second quarter of last year alone. That number works out to nearly one in every three-hundred American families deciding to spend their media dollars elsewhere. But where exactly will those dollars go?

    At a time when American consumers are giving a close scrutiny to every dollar that they spend, paid content, whether it be as pay-per-view events or subscription services seems to offer the flexibility and affordability that the market is looking for. With a paid content platform like Pivotshare, who knows, maybe your videos will prove to be even more of a financial windfall than that video of cats watching television that is currently sitting in your email inbox.

    To find out more about using Pivotshare as a Paid Content solution, click here!

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