The Time is Right for Indie Filmmakers To Sell Movies Online

  • A new day has dawned for filmmakers around the world. Starting in the late 1960s, directors like Dennis Hopper, Francis Ford Coppola, and John Cassavetes bucked the system and began to create projects outside of the studio world.  But even with the birth of the “indie market” most of these still functioned under the looming eye of the studios, who either contributed seed funding, or more likely, the all-coveted distribution of the final artistic endeavor.

    This situation all changed however, with the arrival of affordable digital technology. But even though filmmakers now had a less expensive process by which to birth their projects, there still remained an elusive piece of the puzzle keeping them from red-carpet fame and fortune: distribution. There was still no easy way for them to get their projects directly to their fans without giving away most of the reward, that is, until now.

    The Internet used to be the distribution destination of last resort, but now, selling movies online may be the smartest way for filmmakers to achieve their goals. Directly distributing to a fans is cheaper for the consumer and still more profitable for the artists, since it cuts out the distribution middle-man and, for the first time, allows filmmakers to keep the lion’s share of the profits. Even with a distribution deal, independent filmmakers wind up doing most of the promotional work themselves so it only makes sense that they have a system that lets them profit accordingly.

    Pivotshare offers a new solution to filmmakers looking to sell movies online that is singular in the market for several reasons. First of all, Pivotshare has no startup or monthly fee for accessing every level and tool of our digital streaming platform. Content owners will set their own price of admission and their masterpieces can be viewed across any leading devices.

    Internet distribution had a bad reputation early on because of poor site design and a corresponding subpar user experience. With Pivotshare, those concerns are a thing of the past. We give filmmakers a place where they can professionally sell their creations in such a polished way that they can compete with anything put out by a larger, more well-funded entertainment entity.

    With no initial financial risk, entertainment creators can sell movies online, increase their audience, and generate income towards funding their next great production of cinematic brilliance. Films on Pivotshare can be viewed on laptops, tablets, mobile devices or on their own websites using our monetized embeddable player. By using Pivotshare, filmmakers can introduce themselves to the world.

    To find out more about Pivotshare’s solution to help filmmakers sell movies online, click here!

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