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  • The world of photography is evolving at an ever increasing rate. The affordability of higher quality equipment means that what was once the territory of only an elite few, has now been opened up to a much wider portion of the general public. Advances in technology have also created completely new genres and uses for photographic equipment. But with this evolution of both availability and creativity has come a need for quality education as to the best way to harness these tools for artistic achievement. That’s where the experts at step into frame.

    Award-winning photographer, Will Crockett is an expert in the developing world of what has come to be known as “hybrid photography”, which allows for the merging of static images with both audio and video content. The end result of this combination of mediums is an entirely new art form. Will explained the birth of the new genre like this, “Photography is changing. We are moving from an industry that makes money by selling prints into an industry that makes money by selling prints and eProducts that reveal pictures on screens. These eProducts are a bit of a challenge for most photographers because they incorporate still photos with video and audio.”

    Seeing a need for photography education that matched the level of the quality and creativity found in these emerging products in the market, Will created While Will and the other experts on the channel are known in the industry as thought leaders in hybrid photography, they are also all working professionals, proficient in every aspect of their field.

    The classes on their Pivotshare channel cover such subjects as the easiest ways to avoid lighting mistakes, the best practices for taking portraits, reviews of the latest and greatest in high-end photographic equipment, and, of course, complete training on all-things hybrid photography. Will Crockett talked about his goals for the channel when he said, “Our mission at is to provide a premium quality education for the photographer that’s looking to add a profitable Eproduct to their sales menu. The Hybrid Heroes Talent team that I oversee help me create view on demand video content that runs on our Pivotshare channel flawlessly.”

    The Pivotshare channel allows Will and his team to sell their videos to a global audience, happy to pay for instructional content of this caliber that they can watch anywhere at any time. So before you take another set of blurry photos this holiday season or spend a ton of money on the wrong products, be sure to check out the industry wisdom at You’ll be glad you did. A little education can mean the difference between those photos that perfectly capture your fondest memories and those photos that you’d probably just rather forget.

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