Top Ten Environmental Documentaries for Earth Day

  • To celebrate Earth Day and because Pivotshare is quickly becoming the streaming media platform of choice for documentary makers, we thought we would come up with a list of our favorite environmental docs of all time. Enjoy!

    The Corporation (2003)

    This comprehensive overview of the character of business asks if corporations were actually human, what sort of people would they be? You might decide it’s someone that you don’t necessarily want to live next door to.

    Who Killed the Electric Car (2006)

    Narrated by Martin Sheen and filled with A-list Hollywood elite, this documentary plays out more like a mystery as the filmmakers try to answer the questions surrounding the early failure of the electric car. Big oil, auto manufacturers, and the U.S. government are all suspects. Who’s guilty? Decide for yourself.


    An Inconvenient Truth (2006)

    Longtime environmental activist, Al Gore warns the planet on the dangers of global warming. With his usual wit and charm, Gore passionately urges his viewers to take the problem seriously, before seriously problems become irreversible.


    The 11th Hour (2007)

    Produced and narrated by Leonardo DiCaprio, the film title proves deceptive as it argues that we are not in the 11th hour, but actually the last few minutes before the global environment reaches the point of no return. A broad overview of eco-damage is examined with hopeful suggestions on how destruction can be avoided.


    Food Inc. (2008)

    A fascinating look at the culinary-industrial-complex that is the international food industry that will leave more than just a bad taste in your mouth. From genetic manipulation to chemical preservatives we better hope we are not what we eat.


    Burning the Future (2008)

    Faced with the realities of energy policies that rely more and more on coal, residents of West Virginia fight the results of mining in their communities. The effects of toxic groundwater, deforestation, and unbreathable air are examined in this fantastic project.


    No Impact Man (2009)

    The Beaven family were like anyone else in their New York, 5th Avenue lifestyle, until they decided to go green. Watch them as they spend an entire year attempting to make no negative impact on the environment. Watching the Beavens make no impact will leave an impression on you.


    Tapped (2009)

    A revealing expose on the bottled water industry. The film argues that while the bottled water fad was fueled by a societal desire for healthy living, the results have led to unhealthy results for society as a whole.


    The Cove (2009)

    Uncovering an annual dolphin hunt in Japan where the animals are slaughtered by the thousands or sold into captivity, famed dolphin trainer and activist, Ric O’Barry, risks his life to expose this barbaric practice.


    Elemental (2012)

    Well-produced story of environmental workers fighting from three very different parts of the globe, yet all striving for the health of the planet we all call home. Oil production, water pollution, and energy depletion are all addressed masterfully in this beautiful film.


    Pivotshare ALSO recommends:

    In addition to the amazing films above, Pivotshare would love to also introduce you to the next generation of documentary filmmakers with these environmental classics in the making!


    GrowthBusters (2011)

    This irreverent documentary takes an unconventional look at the environmental issues of our age. In the tradition of Michael Moore, instead of looking at specifics of environmental damage, filmmaker Dave Gardner, asks his audience to consider the lack of logic behind the human desire for an ever-expanding society on a finite planet. Watch GrowthBusters here!

    Trashed (2012)

    Jeremy Irons takes the viewer on a global tour of the world of garbage. This masterfully crafted documentary suggests that the things we throw away don’t stay gone for long. Brilliantly directed with a score by music legend, Vangelis, this Pivotshare online exclusive is NOT one to miss! Watch Trashed here!




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