Use Media Markers To Create A Searchable Video Library

  • I would argue that good media has no expiration date. There are associations, conferences, and companies all across the globe that leave money on the shelf every day by ignoring the usefulness of their existing media library. Mountains of amazing content, gathering dust, instead of revenue, simply because it is not being put to proper use.

    Do not misunderstand this: your previous media content has value. The material contained within can entertain, inspire, and educate. But how do you make this material accessible to your paying customers? Pivotshare has a tool designed to make your older media as relevant as anything you might create in the future.

    Pivotshare has created a tool for our customers known as “media markers.” These media markers work very much like tabs in conventional print media, allowing the creators to section off, and more importantly, label points in their videos using any sort of categories they wish. This transforms commonplace archives into searchable video, allowing customers to jump directly to the portion of media they need or want, instead of having to wade through a sea of footage.

    Another aspect to our searchable video markers is that each one is assigned a specific title. All of these virtual tabs are displayed in the media marker index on the Pivotshare viewer. Because these items are titled, your customers can also use the search bar to quickly take them to the exact piece of media they are looking for. If someone is using Pivotshare to watch a conference  and they know that one of the speakers gave a talk on social media, they simply type those words into the search bar and there they are in an instant. Even if you have dozens of markers set, a few keystrokes is all that separates them from any point in your knowledgebase, in effect, turning your entire channel into a huge searchable media library.

    Depending on what sort of media we are talking about, there are many applicable uses for media markers.

    • Organizers can sell conference footage that has been marked depending on which speaker holds the floor or what is being discussed from stage.
    • Bands can sell concert footage media marked to allow fans to jump from song to song to watch their favorites again and again.
    • Speakers and experts with a DVD library can section off individual media according to the specific subject matter being discussed.
    • Independent filmmakers will be able to separate their projects by scenes, not unlike most mass-market DVDs.

    Our goal is to encourage you to take a second look at financial opportunities that you might walk by every day. Transforming your old content into something fresh and relevant. Like magic, with Pivotshare’s media markers, everything old is new again.

    To find out more about how Pivotshare can turn your existing media into searchable video revenue, send us a message by clicking here!

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