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  • My grandpa used to say that you get what you pay for. And you know what? He was right. Everyone likes to find a good bargain, but often you find that the quality of what you purchased is so low that it winds up being a complete and total waste of time, money and effort. Yet millions of media professionals make the choice every day to use free platforms to sell media online to their audiences. While these low-cost (or no-cost) options seem like a great deal, a closer examination shows that there are many reasons why a penny saved may not necessarily turn into a penny earned.

    The first issue to consider when looking at using a free service to sell online media is presentation. As the saying goes, “You only have one chance to make a good first impression,” but statistics show that on the internet, you actually have less than a minute. Online video analysts, Visible Measures says that is how long the average viewer stays on a specific piece of media before clicking away to another location on the webosphere. Many free services allow you to set up your own “channel”, but for many, the resulting media HQ leaves much to be desired. Because these sites go for the quantity not quality school of business, there are ordinarily no customization tools, and your site winds up looking bland, clunky, and to add insult to injury, exactly like everyone else on their media platform. Other than endless lists of thumbnails and titles, there is no way to organize your videos, at times making the user experience tedious as well as frustrating.

    Because these sites are free for anyone to either use for their own media, or view the offerings of others, these companies generate revenue through forced advertising in order to keep the lights on. As a user on these sites you have very little to say about where the ads are placed, when they run during your media and what products your media now seems to be endorsing. Many media producers, whether enterprise or private, have grown frustrated at advertising that runs during their video which conflicts with the message of their company or organization. Does an environmental group want a commercial for an oil company running during their video? Probably not.

    Anyone who distributes their own digital media through VOD platforms for a living knows how hard it is to generate traffic. But on free services, it’s even more difficult to keep viewers on your content once they arrive. A related issue to the advertising revenue model with these options is that they have no vested interest in keeping people on your media, just keeping people watching any videos on their site. You’ll notice that after your video is through playing, the platform kindly offers suggestions for other viewing, most (or all) of which are probably not yours.

    Another concern that many are frustrated by is the lack of an ability to create a paywall between the customer and the media using these systems. Many media producers have been forced to show a website at the end of their videos where interested viewers can go to purchase a DVD copy of the video to have sent to them. This, to say the least, makes for a clunky and disjointed transaction. The percentage of viewers who never bother to make the journey to an e-commerce store after watching the media would be discouraging at best.

    All of these issues combine to a single result: the devaluation of your media. Whether you are using an embeddable player or a channel on one of these services, your viewers may be subjected to outdated design, unwanted ads, and a fractured purchasing experience. Pivotshare believes your media deserves better.

    To sell media online, our Pivotshare channels are in a class of their own, using your branding on your own media channel that you have designed for look and feel using our simple yet elegant creation tools. Because your channel is not shared by other similar entities, you can rest assured that your viewers will never be encouraged to leave your channel for your competitors. Also, because Pivotshare does not depend on advertising revenues to pay the bills, you need not worry about the uncertainty of who is advertising through you and how they are doing it.

    If you’re looking for a great solution to the question of how to sell online media and an alternative to the status quo in terms of media delivery, we hope you give Pivotshare a look. Whether you use one of our branded channels or the Pivotshare monetized embed player, your videos will be center stage, taking the spotlight. We think you and your media deserve the best.

    To find out more about how to sell videos online with Pivotshare, click here!

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