Your Channel Now Looks and Works Better Than Ever

  • We are proud to announce some layout improvements we’ve been making to your Pivotshare Channels, making them more stylish and much easier to navigate than ever before. Our updates have been strategically designed to give your customers a better branded experience than anywhere else.
    Pivotshare Channels are Better Than Ever

    A few awesome changes we want to point out are:

    Subscription Page Refresh

    Subscription Page Refresh
    Your subscription offer page now has more prominent upsell language and automatically pulls images and data into appropriate places. The result is a more beautiful, more brand-centric page that lets potential customers know more about exactly what they get with their Subscription. Basically, it looks great and makes you look great. Great!

    Video Thumbnails

    Video Thumbnail Improvements
    Now smarter than ever before, video thumbnails are much better at converting visitors to customers. They indicate their status (new, free, purchased, rented, etc), whether they have attachments, and their purchasing options. Nobody else has thumbnails this intelligent, which is a weird thing to say but true. Basically, your thumbnails are not dumbnails. Get it?

    Additionally, thumbnails are now sorted by date, meaning your newest additions will be right at the top. We’ve already seen these thumbnails increase engagement and we know you’ll like them.

    Upgrade to Download!

    Upgrade to a Download
    We saw an opportunity to increase revenue for our Publishers and we took it. A fair number of people who’ve Rented videos later wanted to Download the video files, so we made our video licensing system much more sophisticated. The result is the availability of video “upgrades” on your channel. A customer who has rented a video that also has a Buy & Download option will now see an “Upgrade” button. The price of the upgrade is the difference between what they paid for the Rental and what the cost of the Buy & Download option is. We’ve already seen a lot of transactions coming in solely as Upgrades. Exciting!


    All the Other Stuff

    We’ve made numerous other improvements both visually and under the hood. We’ve made featured banners better, improved playback and the experience on mobile devices, made footers better, and much much more. Oh, and we’re not done yet. Every week we are pushing new improvements to your Pivotshare Channels, all to help our Publishers increase revenue. So be sure to take a look!

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