YouTube’s Subscription Offering: Pivotshare’s Thoughts

  • Last week, YouTube publicly launched an early version of their subscription-based channels offering. This system allows content creators to potentially profit from their original digital video by charging a monthly subscription for access to a moderate library of content. When the announcement was officially made, many looked to Pivotshare and wondered how we would feel. After all, Pivotshare was one of the earliest companies to build a media monetization platform, having launched in 2010 with subscription-based and rental-based offerings.

    In short, we’re very excited.

    YouTube has, for years, been trying to find a variety of ways to generate income from their platform. At first, YouTube injected ads into video with zero profit sharing with content creators. Then, eventually, YouTube began sharing a small sliver of ad revenue with the more popular content creators, which was a great start in helping those very creators begin to deservedly profit from their hard work. Unfortunately, as many media outlets have reported, this method hasn’t worked out very well for the average media producer on the platform. But now, YouTube has finally caught on to the fact that content creators deserve a larger slice of the pie, and frankly we’re ecstatic. Pivotshare has long believed that quality content is deserving of revenue, and we feel that YouTube’s adopting of this vision not only will lend more attention to what we’re building, but will also benefit the people who really matter: the creative class.

    For decades, cable television has been the controlling factor behind nearly all media, deciding what and when its viewers are allowed to watch. The advent of the internet has, in a clear way, allowed consumers to finally grab the reigns and control their viewing experience. With the costs of production falling, and distribution methods broadening, creators needn’t bother navigating the labyrinths of cable distribution anymore. Platforms like Pivotshare and YouTube are, finally, helping these content creators get their media to audiences who want to pay for them.

    In addition to the subscription model that YouTube has recently adopted, Pivotshare offers an incredibly flexible platform to allow content creators to make money from their media in the manner that suits them best. Some of Pivotshare’s especially noteworthy features are:

    • A fully-branded channel experience. When customers are on your channel, it looks like your channel, not just another page on Pivotshare.
    • Focused purchasing experiences. We never push customers to other channels or media just to make a quick buck.
    • Subscription-based monetization.
    • Media rentals (streaming-only) with controllable expiration.
    • Media purchasing (with DRM-free downloads).
    • Additional file attachments with downloadable media (eg, include a behind-the-scenes video for your film, or a meal plan PDF with your workout regimen).
    • A Tip Jar to collect tips or donations.
    • Our patent-pending Network Publishing technology, allowing multiple content creators to collaborate on a single Channel and automatically split the income fairly and accurately.
    • A versatile, white-labelled Embeddable Player with in-player payment processing.
    • Searchable in-media bookmarks (aka Media Markers) to allow customers to jump to specific portions of a video.
    • Varying channel layouts to best suit your content.
    • A mobile-compatible checkout system, allowing anybody, anywhere to find, preview, and buy your media from their phone or tablet.
    • Dedicated Pivotshare apps for secure media playback.

    We hope that with this recent announcement, the world will further recognize the value of creative content. Whether you’re making simple content on YouTube or premium content on Pivotshare, we believe everybody deserves a fair slice of the pie, and we will gladly continue to play a pivotal, innovating role in this new media revolution.

    Check out what Pivotshare has to offer for online subscriptions here!

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